Sonic The Hedgehog movie called ‘homophobic’ by Birds of Prey fans


People are warning parents not to take their children to see Sonic The Hedgehog because it encourages hate crimes; recommend Birds of Prey instead.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie demolished Harley Quinn’s superhero chick flick at the box office and her fans aren’t happy about it. The Sonic Movie is allegedly homophobic.

People are alleging that they have been violently assaulted by homophobic people during screenings of Sonic The Hedgehog because “the movie encourages it.”

PICTURES: Fans are freaked out how much Harley Quinn looks like this perv.

Although Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey wasn’t a complete bomb it failed to live up to its USD$50m opening weekend target and instead just managed to pull in over half of that. The story for Sonic The Hedgehog, however, is one of success as it pulled in over USD$100m over the opening weekend.

To some it is unfathomable that a movie about a cherished childhood icon and starring one of the world’s most famous comedians could see such a successful opening weekend. The movie thrashed Birds of Prey on the international box office over opening weekend, and some are even blaming GamerGate.

#SonicMovie is homophobic | Sausage Roll

The exact same tweet has been shared, verbatim, by different accounts suggesting that the claims are false and could merely be a smear tactic trying to get people to see Birds of Prey instead.

“Two white men assaulted me for being gay during Sonic Movie

One fan even goes as far to to claim that a fellow movie goer violently assaulted him during a Sonic The Hedgehog screening. Harley Quinn’s Gay Best friend took to twitter to share, what he claims to be real accounts of, what happened, “I was a victim of a horrible hate crime while in the theater watching #SonicMovie where these white men called me a fag and spit on me. Going to see #BirdsOfPrey made me feel safe to go the movies again.”

Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey is rated R17 in the USA and MA15+ in Australia. It contains crude humour, graphic violence, sexual themes, and swearing. Probably not a good show to take your children to.

The success of the Sonic Movie and the failure of Harley Quinn: The Birds of Prey are essentially being blamed on the same thing, ‘sexist white men.

Have you seen Sonic The Hedgehog Movie, if so, did you notice any homophobic scenes? Let us know in the comments below.

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