The Batman photos show Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne like Joker’s brother


These new promo pictures of The Batman show Robert Pattinson in his final form as the dark knight, and Bruce Wayne looks a lot like Phoenix’s Joker.

Although The Batman director, Matt Reeves, has confirmed that the movie won’t connect to the DC Dark version Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix, these new photos of Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne really look like Joker.

Did you know?

Robert Pattinson did a profession promotional shoot at Dior Men’s Winter to show off his new physique for his role as the caped crusader in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

There’s no denying that the 33-year-old actor has the right features to play Bruce Wayne but many have doubted his body build for Batman.

Robert Pattinson naturally has a slim and narrow build, he doesn’t have broad shoulders like those who came before him, so many are doubting whether he is actually, literally, fit enough to fit the role.

Comic Book News reported that the actor still looked too skinny for the role after a fan shared a photo with the actor shortly after news broke that Pattinson was struggling to bulk up and put on pounds for his role as Batman despite a rigorous workout routine.

Hopefully these pictures are enough to put fans at ease.

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, The Batman photos

Robert Pattinson too skinny

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, The Batman photos

Pattinson Bruce Wayne promo photo

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, The Batman photos

If The Batman did connect to Joker — which it doesn’t — you could easily make the argument that, as was theorised in the Joker, Bruce Wayne and Arthur Fleck are related… I mean, just look at them. They could definitely be half-brothers.

Do you agree that Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne looks like Joaquin Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck? Or am I just crazy? Let us know in the comments below.

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