Top 3 sports movies of all time inspired by true stories


There’s nothing quite like a inspiration underdog sports movie. Here are the universally agreed top 3 best sports movies of all time.

There are a lot of great sports movies out there, but some are just a cut above the rest. These three movies are largely considered to be the best of the genre and they are all based on true stories.

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Sports movies are among some of the most inspirational entertainment out the. We all love a story of the underdog that prevailed against all odds. That’s why so many of the best sports movies of all time are based on true events. Of course the exception to this is I, Tonya but I think we all agree that movie is just amazing.

Sports is an essential part of people’s lives. Some like going to the gym regularly, others bet and enjoy other features provided by the bookmaker. Yet, almost everyone likes watching movies on this topic. These are the top 3 best sports movies of all time.

Coach Carter 

The film is based on a true story. The real Ken Carter was on the set and was pleased with Samuel L. Jackson’s performance.

Ken Carter is a former basketball player appointed to coach the high school basketball team in the underprivileged town of Richmond. As an experienced player and knowledgeable mentor, Mr. Carter quickly lifts the team to the top of the standings. Under his guidance, yesterday’s junkies become winning athletes. 

Coach Carter

Yet, in the middle of a great season, the coach makes an uncompromising decision and closes the practice facility until athletes get a decent grade point average in all academic disciplines. The team suffers several technical defeats in the championship and the blinding joy of recent victories is replaced by anger, disappointment, and confusion. Parents and school administrators feel the same way. They put the successes of the present far above the ghostly future. But Coach Carter is relentless, proving that he is the only person who genuinely cares about the students.

I, Tonya 

Figure skating is an exquisite sport for spectators. Its participants look like fairy tales: flying over the shiny ice in dazzling costumes, and beating the audience to tears of emotion with their invisible wings. The graceful ice nymphs seem like ideals of toughness and gentleness, beauty and charm. Yet, Tonya Harding is an outsider in this Garden of Eden.

The first American figure skater to master the triple axel seems to have been born and lived in hell. An oppressive mother, violence from her husband and humiliation from the figure skating powers that saw in the girl not talent and a desire to win but a bad temper and questionable background. 

In such circumstances, Harding did not play the fragile fairy and was not afraid to show the world her nature as a street fighter. But the biopic about Tonya Harding is not a story of willful victory over other people’s prejudices and skepticism. It is an investigation into the true causes of the scandalous story of the champion’s fall.

The Blind Side

The adaptation of the novel by Michael Lewis, based on the story of American football player Mike Oher. A film with an over-the-top level of goodness – strictly contraindicated to unabashed cynics and those who like to throw in a harsher tragedy.

The Blind Side

So, the future famous football player Mike is an African-American from a family of an alcoholic drug addict and a man with a prison cell record. Mike is a real giant, but he looks so defenseless that even first graders five times shorter can hurt him. Mike makes his living in foster homes or on the street, constantly changing schools, and catastrophically failing the curriculum.

Once again homeless, Mike dramatically walks in the rain to nowhere. That’s when Leigh Anne Tuohy notices him. There is a struggle of conscience and reason in her eyes. Yet, in the end, the woman takes the lonely, uneducated big man into her home and her family. 

Mike joins the high school football team, and thanks to the support and love of his new family, succeeds in both football and his studies. The movie captures the image of a healthy family with the right values. It is rare in film as well as in reality.

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