Vince Vaughn cancelled because he shook hands with his president


#VinceVaughn is trending on Twitter as thousands flock to the hashtag to condemn the actor for greeting the U.S. president, Donald Trump, at a sports game.

Vincent Anthony Vaugh, 49, is commonly known as Owen Wilson’s other — some might even consider better — half. He earned his fame playing along side Willson in some blockbuster comedies but has now proven he’s a man of many talents after taking on more serious roles.

Did you know?

While most of us remember him as the Owen Wilson’s wingman in Wedding Crashers others might be more inclined to acknowledge for his incredible performance as a former boxer turned lifer in the hard hitting thriller movie Brawl in Cell Block 99 (2017). Regardless of what some people remember him from, a lot of people are trying to forget the actor exists… and for what? Shaking hands with U.S. president Donald J. Trump.

Like Ricky Gervais pointed out, most Hollywood A-listers use their spotlight to preach their political ideologies and scold others for having different opinions. This has never been the case for Vince Vaugh; he has always kept his personal life and political point of views separate from his professional life.

Vince Vaughn meets Trump, gets cancelled

Vaughn, however, was sneakily filmed greeting his president at a sports game yesterday and now Twitter is absolutely outraged and are demanding that Hollywood boycott the actor.

Vince Vaughn and Donald Trump
Vince Vaughn meets Trump, gets cancelled.

The video, Tweeted by Deadspin writer Timothy Burke, shows the actor briefly taking a seat beside first lady Melenia and U.S. president Donald J. Trump, exchanging a few words and shaking their hands before moseying on back to his seat.

Many were quick to condone the actor’s actions, some even wishing harm in him and his family.

“Gross. I always knew Vince Vaugh was a libertarian but this makes him look like a Trumpist. Racist. Fascist … He can burn like the racist of the Nazis,” disgruntled Twitter users echo.

Vince Vaughn cancelled after Twitter Outrage

Not everybody is joining the outrage, some rational people on the American left have called the Vince Vaughn outrage ‘insanity’.

Are you apart of the outrage mob demanding the cancellation of Vince Vaughn’s career or think this has gone a bit too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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