WallStreetBets HBO movie ties into GamerGate and other social issues


A leaked draft of HBO WallStreetBets movie allegedly ties into the controversial GamerGate topic as well as Pepe the frog meme.

It appears as though WallStreetBets are not the good guys in the HBO movie adaptation. An early draft of the film supposedly portrays the members of the subreddit as alt-right trolls.

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HBO have greenlit a film adaptation of the historic WallStreetBets’ GameStop short squeeze. Production has been fast tracked and, according to our sources, HBO hope to the film premiere on their platform no later than March, 2022.

In 2019, Keith Patrick Gill, a member of the WallStreetBets subreddit known as DeepF*ckingValue (DFV) decided to YOLO USD$50,000 into GameStop. He later discovered that an investment company, Melvin Capital, had largely shorted stock for the American brick and mortar games retailer GameStop which plummeted the stock value down to under USD$10. DFV wrote a detailed post on reddit explaining why he believes the stock was worth more than it is and encouraged other members to buy in as well.

DFV’s post went viral and millions of people around the world purchased GameStop stock ultimately skyrocketing the value up to USD$500 creating internet millionaires overnight.

Jamie Rogozinski
WallStreetBets founder Jamie Rogozinski tied to GamerGate in movie.

Melvin Capital was on the edge of bankruptcy after shorting the GameStop stock. In a nutshell, when you short stock you are borrowing it from a broker and then selling it high and then buying it low. You’re essentially betting against a company when you’re doing this.

However, Melvin Capital had enough stock to intentionally manipulate the value by selling en masse by selling it, creating a sort of chain reaction of panic selling. But since Melvin Capital was caught in the act and millions of people purchased GameStop stock, it caused the value to go up creating a 20+ billion dollar debt for the investment company.

To ordinary people this sounds like an epic story about the average man sticking it to the Wall Street elite, but that’s not how the US government nor the mainstream media saw it. According to them, WallStreetBets was filled with toxic al-right trolls and Russian actors who were deliberately trying to crash the economy… and it looks like HBO is sticking with that narrative too.

A leaked early draft of the HBO WallStreetBets movie screenplay paints the masterminds behind the short squeeze as alt-right anarchists.

alt-right WallStreetBets
Mainstream media says that WallStreetBets is filled with alt-right GamerGate trolls.

“I read, I believe it was, the second draft of the screenplay. It may have changed a lot since then, but — yeah — it doesn’t exactly do a good job of explaining what really happened. WallStreetBets is described to be more like 4chan and the members are supposed to be toxic gamers who are outraged that their favourite game retailer is going bankrupt,” our source explained.

“There are a lot of refences to GamerGate, alt-right ideology and Pepe the Frog memes throughout the script,” they added.

The film is supposedly a loose adaption of Ben Mezrich’s upcoming novel The Anti-Social Network, which is supposed to serve as a kind of spiritual successor to his book about the Facebook founder called The Social Network. Like in his previous book, the main two characters in this book are also anti-heroes.

The HBO film will focus heavily on WallStreetBets founder Jamie Rogozinksi and and financial analysist Keith Patrick Gill and they will reportedly get the same treatment as Zuckerberg.

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