We asked Alita stans to share their best memes… this happened next


Want your notification to light up like a Christmas tree? Simply ask the #AlitaArmy to share their Alita memes with you and wait for some quality lols.

I’m familiar with ever growing fan base being a fan myself, and all. Unfortunately with work an all I haven’t been able to commit myself to the #AlitaArmy and in the process I’ve maybe missed a few (thousand) inside jokes and what-not. So, when I asked the Alita stans to share their best Alita memes with me… I was overwhelmed!

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First a bit of history on the fan group. The #AlitaArmy started trending before the first film premiered. A lot of people who were already huge fans Gunnm were excited to see their favourite cyberpunk battle princess come to life on the big screen. Naturally there were some concerns that adaptation would butcher the source material, as Hollywood is pretty known for doing, but as more and more information was revealed about the film, fans become more and more excited.

Open Alita: Battle Angels release fans were thrilled to see how loyal James Cameron remained to the source material so not only were the Alita stans thrilled, this was a pretty big moment in Hollywood cinematic history and even classic manga connoisseurs joined the celebration tweeting out #AlitaArmy.

But then something happened. Well, not really… people just weren’t happy that people preferred Alita: Battle Angel over the films that entitled critics deemed to be better (they also trashed Joker so we can’t take them seriously anymore). In turn, the mainstream media orchestrated a smear campaign against the film and its fans. I’m not going to get into here, but below is a list of articles explaining the dumb drama.

The Alita drama

Regardless of the drama the fan group is quickly expanding as more and more people discover the film. The official Twitter now has over 1,000 followers and every single one of them are in good spirits and are optimistic for a sequel.

One of the reasons they call themselves an army is because they literally serve as a sort of a street team that helps promote the film and push for a sequel; they’ll highlight good deals, share breaking news, and even help support other Alita stans. Heck, the group admins have even spent hundreds of their own dollars trying to spread the message… now those are real fans!

But you’re here for Alita memes, right? So let’s get to it. I asked the Alita stans to respond with their best Alita memes and this is what happened. (If tweets don’t load please visit Sausage Roll on your browser)

In a nutshell


Alita: Fallen Angel (2079)

Alita... RUN!!!

A little Martian

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Sequel

So true

Her bounty for a bounty

A trilogy is BEAR minimum

A is for Alita

Gilet Jaune

She attacc!

James Cameron Motorball champ

Pirates of Iron City

Haters gonna hate

Okay... I'm dead LOL

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