Weird Satanist/Arby’s guy “Onyx The Fortuitous” is now a movie star


Remember that weird guy rambling guy who screamed “notice me senpai” during a news interview where they were unveiling a Satanist statue? Well, he’s now getting his own movie.

Onyx the Fortuitous made internet history when he appeared in a news interview of the unveiling of a Satanist statue in 2016. He resonated with so many because he was pretty much the poster boy for Reddit addicts: fedora and vest sporting atheists and self declared intellectuals. Now he’s back and he’s getting his own feature length movie called Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman of Souls.

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Andrew Bowser trolled a lot of people when he edited existing news footage of the unveiling the statue of the Satanic idol Baphomet by self inserting an interview of one of his characters known as Onyx.

His character first debuted in a video titled “E3 – Weird Gamer Guy” back in 2012 which was uploaded to a YouTube channel called Tessa Smash, a host of the fictional “Game Smash” website. The video had professional production quality and was very similar in aesthetic to GameSpot and IGN interviews and it had a lot of people fooled that it was real.

Onyx Ghost
Weird Satanist Guy Onyx The Fortuitous interviews Nameless Ghoul from Ghost.

Onyx was the embodiment of the cringe intellectuals that you so often find on internet discussions sites like Reddit. You know, the fedora tipping neckbeards who love to call Christians idiots and white knight for helpless women on the internet. Some would even argue that Onyx’s hilariously cringe monologues are copy-pasted from Reddit moderators. He even says “m’lady” a lot.

At first people thought that Onyx was an actual person until they eventually found similar videos of Onyx being interviewed again at Comic-Con and Arby’s. That’s right, Onyx The Fortuitous was the brain baby of writer, director and actor Andrew Bowser, better known as BowserVids on YouTube.

The character eventually become so big that he was hired by the Nerdist to produce exclusive content for their site and YouTube channel. Onyx got the chance to interview Dead Pool and even Nameless from the popular Swedish rock band Ghost.

Since then the Onyx The Fortuitous has really lost relevancy and the YouTube views are dropping, yet Andrew Bowser has big plans for the character. His own feature length movie called Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman of Souls.

Onyx The Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls
Weird Satanist Guy getting his own movie: Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman of Souls poster by Lukas Ketner.

“In February I’m going to launch a Kickstarter to raise fund to make an Onyx movie,” Bowser announced on his YouTube channel this Monday.

“It’s a feature film and a horror/comedy called Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman of Souls,” he added while revealing the poster art for the film done by Lukas Ketner.

“It’s a throwback to Fright Night or Transylvania 6-500, you know, it’s a demonic monster comedy. But it’s also small film, an economic film, because it is 6 actors in a creepy house.”

Bowser then highlights the biggest issue with making the film which is trying to get all the Onyx fans around the web to one page. Onyx videos can be found uploaded all over YouTube with millions and millions of views so to counter that he decided to create a website ( for the movie where fans could sign up for a news letter.

Sadly, the popularity for Andrew Bowser’s Onyx character peaked in 2016 but that does not necessarily mean you should ignore this project. After we took a deep dive into his YouTube channel we discovered that Bowser is a highly underrated filmmaker.

“Worm” is a masterpiece film written, directed and starring Andrew Bowser that you can watch for free on YouTube.

Two movies we highly recommend checking out on his YouTube channel are Worm and Self Tape.

Shot in 2012, Worm tells the story of a man who is sought by police for a double homicide in a small town. Shot in two long takes using one camera focused on the main character throughout, this film follows Worm as the truth about the crime unravels around him. It premiered at Seattle International Film Festival in May of 2013.

Self Tape is a short film starring Parker Kennedy (The Flash) about an actress who is interrupted by a superfan while recording a “Self Tape” audition in her home. Starring Jessica Parker Kennedy.

These two movies alone are enough to showcase just how talented Andrew Bowser as writer, director and even an actor and should be a good reason for a people to support his new movie on Kickstarter.

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