What if Alita, Terminator and Avatar all shared a universe?


After the super-hero movie phenomena shared universes have become quite popular. Imagine if James Cameron decided to do the same for his films.

The man, the maestro himself, James Cameron is on a bit of a (sausage)roll lately. Alita: Battle Angel launched with little notice and quickly become a cult hit with millions of loyal fans around the world who go by Alita Army. Terminator: Dark Fate is also getting a tonne of good press with reviews calling it the best Terminator film since T2.

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Since its release anticipation has been growing exponentially for a sequel and although it hasn’t been greenlit yet, Cameron has plans to turn Alita into a trilogy and maybe even beyond. The sequel, currently with the working title Alita: Fallen Angel, is more anticipated than Avatar 2 according to a poll we did and most likely won’t be announced until production has concluded for Avatar 2.

Alita x Terminator

One of our followers responded to our poll with saying, “Ohh, Terminator vs Alita. Now that’s a film I’d be up for!” But just how likely is it?

It’s unlikely but not impossible. James Cameron own the film rights to all but the Terminator franchise, I think he sold it for a buck in the 80s, so if there was a big enough demand for it I think he might be up for it.

It’s not too crazy to imagine; in a world of shared universes and crossovers Alita x Terminator seems logical. They are both futuristic a la cyberpunk and it would be pretty cool to see a cute cyborg kick the crap out of an old grizzled android, right? Crazier crossovers have happened… think Freddy x Jason or Alien vs Predator, or if we really want to go there, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

But before we even think about going there, Alita’s story needs to continue on its own. We neeeeeeeeeed another Alita movie… badly!

I don’t doubt that the hardcore Gunnm fans might not like the idea of sharing Alita’s universe but I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone that, at this point we’re pretty desperate to see our favourite Battle Angel again, we’d be thrilled to even see her in a cameo appearance in Avatar 2!

Let’s say Alita and the Terminator were to fight who do you think would win? Vote below! (Poll may not load while viewing from Apple News. If so, please visit Sausage Roll.)

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Now that you’ve voted let us know in the comments below why you think they’d win. Oh, and don’t forget that we are giving away a copy of the classic Alita open-world JRPG game!

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