All That Remains singer lashes people that celebrated PewDiePie robbery


Famous internet power couple Felix and Marzia Kjellberg discovered their home in Brighton, UK, had been robbed. Valuables and sentimental items stolen.

Marzia took to Instagram to let her fans know that their Brighton home had been broken into and robbed, explaining although she is thankful for what she has left she is still incredible saddened and shocked by what happened. However, a large group of people are celebrating the break-in.

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The 27-year-old YouTuber turned successful fashion designer and entrepreneur was clearly distraught when she posted on Instagram letting her fans know about the incident that took place.

Marzia Kjellberg (itscutiepiemarzia) Instagram post
IG: ItsCutiePieMarzia

The aforementioned Instagram was deleted moments later after a slurry of hateful comments were directed at the talented fashion designer and her husband, uber Internet superstar, Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie).

Some of the comments called them “filthy capitalists” while others wished worse on the suffering couple. Once the post was removed the hate shifted to Twitter where hundreds celebrated their tragedy.

PewDiePie v BTS: K-pop fans lash out

The hate all seems to originate from a slanderous article that published on the WSJ several years ago. The article took one of PewDiePie’s videos out of context and called him a Nazi.

PewDiePie also accidentally dropped the N bomb in anger while live-streaming Player Unknown Battle Ground (PUBG), something he’s apologised for time and time again but still seems to haunt him to this day.

PewDiePie robbed: Felix and Marzia Kjellberg getting married
PewDiePie robbed: Felix and Marzia Kjellberg getting married

PewDiePie has also made fun of modern day extremist feminism and outrage culture, which he is also a victim off, but by doing so he painted a much larger target on his back and has been a victim of perpetual harassment ever since.

But most recently PewDiePie unfollowed BTS on Twitter after being targeted by the fan group known as the ARMY and now hundreds of thousands of k-pop fans are out to get him.

These people have actively been campaigning to ruin Marzia Kjellberg’s business and get PewDiePie banned off YouTube. Fortunately their efforts have failed and both of their careers are booming. So all they could do is celebrate when the celebrity couple got robbed only months before Christmas.

The harassment seems very politically driven by the American left and even the frontman from the hard hitting metalcore band All That Remains, Philip Labonte, chimed in.

The powerhouse vocalist’s message, like his voice, is loud and clear; those parading around like they care about human rights and equality don’t, it’s not about caring for the poor, it is just about hating the rich. Nothing but jealousy.

All That Remains, Philip Labonte
All that Remains frontman Philip Labonte in the military.

With that, many of you should definitely check out All That Remains. They are an American heavy metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts, formed in 1998. They have released nine studio albums, a live CD and DVD, and have sold over a million records worldwide. You might even be familiar with their track, Two Weeks!

Thankfully Phil’s sentiments are echoed by the majority. Rational and sane people all around are showing support for Felix and Marzia Kjellberg through these trying times.

PewDiePie, BTS, and Marzia fans that haven’t heard of All That Remains, should definitely check them out even if you don’t like heavy music. You might learn to love them.

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