Billie Eilish seemingly slams Christianity in Vogue China photo shoot


The pop singer is seemingly siding with the ‘bad guy’ after a controversial photo shoot for Vogue China where she dresses as an oppressed Christian housewife.

Billie Eilish took a stab at her national religion by posing as a character from the best selling book turned hit television series The Handmaid’s Tale in the Chinese edition of the pop-culture magazine Vogue.

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The 18-year-old mega superstar singer has taken a very controversial stance against her country and its national religion during the global crisis by doing a photo shoot for a country that is largely at blame.

New reports by the U.S. intelligence agency show that Chinese officials deliberately lied about the initial outbreak which allowed the virus to spread quicker across the world and, as a result, kill 219,000 people worldwide.

People have been largely divided on whether it is right to blame China for the outbreak. Mainstream media and WHO — who is also to blame for spreading Chinese lies — have gone on the record declaring that any comment that connects China to the super bug is racist and xenophobic.

Billie Eilish appears to be on the side of the China after doing a photo shoot for one of their most popular pop-culture and fashion magazines dressed as a characters from The Handmaid’s Tale.

Billie Eilish The Handmaid’s Tale inspired outfit in Vogue China seemingly slams Christianity.

The Handmaid’s Tale is considered to be anti-Christian by many God loving people across the globe.

Jessica Crooke, contributor for the Christian Post, writes:

“The book [The Handmaid’s Tale] tells a chilling account of a modern-day America run by a totalitarian, theocratic republic called Gilead, replacing the once secular, democratic state. It is an echo of the Islamic Republic established in Iran after the 1979 Revolution, which was close to the time that Atwood wrote her novel. However, the villains of this cruel republic are not Muslim, the villains of “The Handmaid’s Tale” are fundamentalist Christians who commit unspeakable acts with the intention of restoring Biblical morality to the world.”

Billie Eilish slams Christianity in photo shoot for Vogue China with a character that resembles The Handmaid’s Tale.

The Chinese Communist Party — much like modern progressives — does not look favourably on Christianity. Lily Kuo, in Chengdu, reported that the Chinese government are closing churches, jailing pastors – and even rewriting scripture.

Billie Eilish appeared on the front cover of Vogue in February, 2020, which probably means that the singer has a contract with Vogue International. However, the photos printed and published by Vogue China were taken by Nick Knight exclusively for the Chinese editorial department.

Nick Knight’s pictures look great and, of course, there may be no deeper meaning or message to them, still, with all things considered… the timing couldn’t be worse.

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