Calling All Astronauts tweet hints that Rihanna is a terrible recording artist


Earlier today the official Twitter account for Calling All Astronauts tweeted about a best selling recording artist who is allegedly terrible at their job.

Many took a crack at figuring out to whom the Tweet alluded but the 3-piece electro-rock group remained tight-lipped. However, when someone mentioned Rihanna they responded in a very peculiar fashion.

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The London based far-left sociopolitical dark electro-rock 3-piece, Calling All Astronauts, sent out a Tweet potentially exposing award winning and best selling recording artist, Rihanna, for being terrible at her job.

Is Rihanna a bad singer? Calling All Astronauts hint Rihanna is terrible.

“I met a guy who produced one of the biggest selling artists ever, he said her vocals were so bad he had to get her to sing each word individually,” the tweet read.

Many assumed that the artist in question was Britney Spears. The 38-year-old singer had previously been exposed to being a terrible live singer in a hilarious video that leaked the actual recording from Britney’s microphone.

But Calling All Astronauts later said that they were not talking about Britney Spears.

The guesses kept rolling in but nobody was getting any closer… until…

Calling All Astronauts responded with wink to the first comment that guessed Rihanna. It can’t possible be Rihanna, right?

Is Rihanna a bad singer?

Rihanna is a phenomenal singer and there is plenty of evidence online to prove that she can carry a tune while performing live. Perhaps she is just terrible in the studio?

Maybe she has just come along way from where she started. There are also videos out there showing her butcher some terribly easy notes.

There’s even a Quora thread about some of her questionable live performances. It could also just be that Calling All Astronauts is trolling.

Who do you think is the worst of the best? Leave the name of a big recording artist that you think if a tad bit over hyped below.

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