Chad Tepper eats poo sandwich on Trippie Redd Instagram live


American rapper Trippie Redd hosted a Instagram live chat where he guested ex-Team 10 member, Chad Tepper, who ate a ‘poo sandwich’ in front of 50 thousand viewers.

Fans were absolutely disgusted when they watched Chad Tepper eat a ‘poo sandwich’ on Trippie’s Instagram live-stream for clout. Despite the gross content, both Instagram profiles remain active.

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The rap community is divided after witnessing the gross act on Trippie’s live stream. The American rapper Michael Lamar White IV, known professionally as Trippie Redd, has over 10 million followers on Instagram and promised former Team 10 member, Chat Tepper, a feature if he ate a ‘poo sandwich’.

Chad Tepper agreed to consume a ‘poo sandwich’ in an Instagram live-stream to get featured in a upcoming Trippie Redd music video, but many now believe that Tepper put the final nail in the coffin of his already struggling career.

VIDEO: Disgusting! Chad Tepper eats poo on Trippie’s live-stream for clout.

This was only moments before Chad Tepper also appeared on Tyga’s Instagram live and stapled his face (warning, very graphic: Chad Tepper staples face) to be featured by the American rapper.

Other fans are calling out Instagram’s clear display of hypocrisy after they flat out shut down Tory Lanez’s live-stream and temporarily banned him for showing ‘too much ass’.

Chad Tepper staples face on Tyga live stream moments before eating poo sandwich.

Chad Tepper looked desperate and an damaged in the Trippie’s live-stream. He was covered with his own blood after having stapled his face for clout on Tyga’s live-stream just moments before being featured by Trippie.

Tepper looked like a mess and was extremely intoxicated and desperate in both lives.

According to Instagram, their activities did not violate the Instagram Terms of Service and neither profile was punished.

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