Dua Lipa does a social distancing selfie with fan & breaks Spotify records


Dua Lipa may be an award winning artist, but when she’s not breaking Spotify records, she’s taking selfies with fans while respecting social distancing.

While 2020 is an incredibly bad year for most, the 24-year-old pop idol is hitting her stride. She’s breaking records and still has time to remain humble, down to earth, and take seflies with her friends.

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The British born international superstar has been on a steady climb to the top of the pops ever since she decided dive deeper into the music industry. Before she was a pop-star Dua Lipa was fashion model.

After the phenomenal success of her debut track “Love Again” Dua Lipa has been one of the most sought after recording artists. She even did the title track for James Cameron faithful manga-film adaptation Alita: Battle Angel.

Not only is her new song “Break My Heart” trending on Spotify, she is also the only artist on the platform to have four tracks break the 1 billion listens barrier: Don’t Start Now, One Kiss, IDGAF, and New Rules.

Despite her success the former model turned singer/songwriter/fashion designer still has time for her adoring fans.

An excited fan spotted her in the streets of NYC and asked Dua Lipa for a seflie and she obliged while respecting social distancing rules and wearing a mask… what a classy act.

Dua Lipa social distancing selfie with fan NYC

Dua Lipa takes social distancing selfie with adoring fan in NYC while killing it on Spotify.

You might be wondering, how the heck did they spot her? Anybody that is familiar with her can tell from her awesome tattoos and impeccable fashion sense.

Dua Lipa is always fashionable, no matter the season. The best thing about her taste, you can achieve a similar look without breaking bank. You should check out our article on how to style it up like DuaLipa so you can be taking that seflie in style and getting those likes on your posts. If you dig her style then you won’t be disappointed.

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