Headstrong band TRAPT gets in Twitter beef and trends on Pandora


Many celebs and artist are using Twitter to spread their political ideology, but when nu-metal band TRAPT did it, left leaning artist and celebrities were outraged.

Twitter is abundant with celebrities and artist who like to grandstand on politics and lecture others on their wrongthink. But when nu-metal artist TRAPT chimed in, a massive fight between other metal and hard-rock artists erupted on Twitter.

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Everyone that has a Twitter account has something to say about politics. A-list celebrities, game bloggers, and even anime avis are constantly using the platform to tout their political ideologies. And, in most cases, it is welcomed and even praised.

Lance, From Ashes to New, tries to roast Headstrong band TRAPT on Chinese TikTok app.

Lance, From Ashes to New, tries to roast Headstrong band TRAPT on Chinese TikTok app.

When Taylor Swift decided to get all political and blame the current running U.S. president for all the evils in the world she was called brave. Other smaller artists have even tried to pander to millenials by repeating leftist talking points on gender and socialism. But, when it is a celebrity or artist on the other side of the political spectrum, talking politics is not tolerated.

Metal head Bernie Bros start Twitter beef with Headstrong band TRAPT


TRAPT, the nu-metal artist that’s known for their hit song “Headstrong”, was called out for being dangerous and bigoted by self declared ‘Bernie Bros’ rap rock group From Ashes to New after challenging Alexandria Oscar-Cortez on her views that non-American citizens should be included in the stimulus package and receive USD$1200 monthly.

Other artists have jumped in the fight and called TRAPT racists for supporting Donald J. Trump. The bassist from Trivium, Paolo Gregoletto, has gone on many Twitter tirades against TRAPT for their political opinions.

Unlike the From Ashes To New Twitter account, TRAPT is completely transparent with who is running the account and what their political stance is. Twitter account is run by the bands vocalist, Chris Taylor Brown.

The front man from I Prevail, who is 28, used the opportunity to take a potshot at CTB, 39, by using the the dated ‘ok boomer’ meme on him… although technically, being born in 1981, makes Chris Taylor Brown is a millenial.

All That Remains frontman, Phil, took to Twitter to show support for Chris Taylor Brown’s comments and calling the Bernie Bro bands out on their hypocrisy. Phil is one of the few metal musicians on Twitter that, despite an onslaught of hate, defends freedom of speech.

VIDEO: From Ashes To New tries to roast TRAPT band with Headstrong.

It seems as all this TRAPT Twitter beef is actually doing them some good as they are now trending on Pandora and Spotify, especially their classic track “Headstrong”. They are also getting a significant amount of new followers on Twitter.

What’s your take on the TRAPT Twitter beef? Are you #TeamTRAPT or are you siding with the Bernie Bro bands like From Ashes To New? Let us know in the comments below.

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