Identity of world’s best, and scariest, singer SKYND revealed


Step aside Adele, Skynd; a mysterious woman, has the best chops in the music industry, and nobody knew her true identity until now.

Skynd literally popped up out of nowhere and are now taking Europe by storm and absolutely nobody knows a thing about them, and Skynd intended to keep it that way. All we knew is they are the uniquest 3-piece groups around today, and have the best vocalist we’ve ever heard.

When Metal Hammer’s Dave Everley was tasked with interviewing this spooky 3-piece band this is how he described his experience:

“A bare spotlight illuminates four chairs in the centre of a dungeon. In one sits a man in a hoodie and a gimp mask with the mouth sewn up. In another sits a woman with her hair scraped up into a black-blonde topknot, her outfit part catwalk, part fetish club, impenetrable black contact lenses covering her eyes. In the chair next to her is a doll – her mini-me, she says. The fourth chair is for the interviewer. Or maybe the victim…”

They’re from a “dark place”

The woman he described is known as Skynd, and, at the time of the interview, he had no idea of what to expect, nor did he know he would walk out even more confused then when he walked in.

SKYND interview

Skynd hide their identity.

Nothing is known of Skynd and her two gimps. Not where they are from, when asked they simply reply, “a dark place”. We don’t even know their real names. Absolutely nothing. We only know what they want us to know… and of course, their music; as Dave puts it “cold, dehumanised glitch-goth”.

What we do know is what their music is about.

“My biggest fascination is the evil aspect of the human psyche,” she told Dave in an accent he couldn’t quite place, “might be French, Swiss, Swedish or none of the above.”

Skynd origin story starts in Australia

Skynd started in Australia, but are they Australian? Probably not, but we don’t know; the group aren’t big on real-life details. We do, though, know that Skynd met F (her gimpy guitarist) at a party in the Australian bush a few years ago. “He was rocking back and forth on a stone, I wondered what he was doing,” she told Metal Hammer. “But we talked and I felt this magical connection. This twin flame.”

Skynd’s fascination with death started at an early age when a murder was committed at her local part. She never truly got over it, and today it is the driving force behind her music.

Amazing live performance by Skynd singer.

All Skynd’s songs are about psychopathic serial killers except for the song “Elisa Lam” which is about the young Chinese girl who vanished and was found a month later in a water tank on top of the hotel after security camera footage showed her acting paranoid.

They even wrote a song about Katherine Knight; Australia’s insane red-haired cannibal who murdered her husband, cooked him, and tried to feed him to his kids.

Skynd is Marina Ortega, we think…

Not going to lie, when I started writing this article about Skynd I had no idea about their identity… but then the internet worked its magic again. Going of absolutely nothing, someone managed to find, or at least they think, the identity of Skynd. And no, it’s NOT Marin Dreijer.

Marina Ortega is Skynd

Is Marina Ortega SKYND singer? Has same birthmark!

Meet Marina Ortega. Again, we know absolutely nothing about her except that she’s from Switzerland, likes fast cars, and is one of the greatest singers in the world. But hey, if this is indeed her, and I’m certain it is, at least we get to see the infamous Skynd without her spooky makeup.

Still not convinced that she’s one of — if not the — greatest singers ever. Listen to her rendition of Adele’s “Hello” in Swiss.

Happy days! Aussies can catch Skynd in Australia at Download Festival 2020 in Sydney and Melbourne come March, so grab your ticket before they sell out!

What do you guys think, is Marina Ortega the Skynd singer? Let us know in the comments below.

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