Joji cancelled after young K-pop fans discover Filthy Frank & Pink Guy


Before he was an international pop sensation, Joji was an Aussie YouTuber who would make videos of several of his over-the-top characters. 12-year-old K-pop fans are only just discovering this now, and they want Joji cancelled.

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George Kusunoki Miller, 27, better known by his stage name Joji, used to be a YouTube comedian performed as several different characters, but most famous Filthy Frank and Pink Guy.

The Australian-Japanese YouTuber first went viral with his ‘Harlem Shake’ dance video video in 2012 as Pink Guy. From there George Miller became one of the biggest, and most memed, YouTube personalities.

George "Joji" Miller as Pink Guy in 2013.

Joji cancelled after K-pop fans find him as one of his YouTube characters Pink Guy back in 2013 #JojiIsOverParty.

He went from doing shocking and gross comedy sketches as Filthy Frank to edgy rap music as Pink Guy. His tracks STFU and Ramen King have 50 million views collectively on YouTube.

Now George Miller is an international pop-star who goes by the alias Joji and some of his new, and a whole lot younger, fans are just discovering his old YouTube videos for the first time and they are not happy.

Filthy Frank, to many, is considered the ‘king of the internet’ and the majority of fans were aware of this character before he was known as Joji. His own YouTube channel even has a disclaimer that reads:

“Filthy Frank is the embodiment of everything a person should not be. He is anti-PC, anti-social, and anti-couth. He behaves and reacts excessively to everything expressly to highlight the ridiculousness of racism, misogyny, legalism, injustice, ignorance and other social blights. He also sets an example to show how easy it is in the social media for any zany material to gain traction/followings by simply sharing unsavoury opinions and joking about topics many find offensive.There is no denying that the show is terribly offensive, but this terrible offensiveness is a deliberate and unapologetic parody of the whole social media machine and a reflection of the human microcosm that that social media is.”

It is very unlikely that this outrage will do any harm to his blossoming music career. If anything it will just give him more views on YouTube.

What are your thoughts on the JojiIsOverParty outrage? Perhaps this is the reason why Filthy Frank will never return to YouTube.

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