My Chemical Romance singer, Gerard Way, looks great claim fans


Gerard Way is back on tour with My Chemical Romance, selling out shows, and looking sexy!

Despite his lifelong struggle with a eating disorder, Gerard Way is a bit of a sex icon. Even though he filled out a little fans are still excited to see him get back in shape for his MCR tour.

Once upon a time girls would swoon at the mere mention of his name, but then after Gerard Way let himself go a bit, his was forgotten about. It wasn’t until Way openly spoke about his fight with depression an eating disorder that fans truly opened their eyes. A new MCR live video shows that the singer is turning things around and winning that battle.

Did you know?

My Chemical Romance (MCR) was huge back in the noughties and they even kind of pioneered the sound for modern punk and, what some consider, emo music.

It has been 18 years since MCR’s first album, “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love,” launched. It was the track “The Vampires Will Never Hurt You” that helped kick-start their careers as professional musicians and ultimately make them a household name.

Gerard Way was never really fat and looked great with a little extra weight. Fans excited for reunion tour!

Gerard Way was never really fat and looked great with a little extra weight. Fans excited for reunion tour!

But a lot has happened since 2002 and Gerard Way is now about to turn 43 years old. His journey to the top hasn’t exactly been a wall in the park. Way has had to overcome many adversities including his inner demons and struggle with drug addiction and substance abuse.

When My Chemical Romance first split on 2013 Gerard tried to find his own way in the music industry and released his solo album “Hesitant Alien which many fans believe to be ‘some of Gerard Way’s best material’ to date.

Fan claims My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way no longer fat.

Hesitant Alien is a magnificently oddly-shaped album that glides and jerks between styles like a turbo-charged rubber ball,” Kerrang! Magazine wrote about Way’s solo album.

Unfortunately it was clear that Way was not in a healthy placed both physically and mentally. The once adored sex God was starting to look a bit more like a random chubby neckbeard. Some people even compared him to popular Australian Twitch streamer, Chad “Anything4views aka Cold Ones” Roberts.

Gerard Way Chad "Anything4Views" Roberts

Does My Chemical Romance singer look like Chad “Anything4Views” Roberts?

“He doesn’t look the part anymore, MCR is dead,” one fan argued on YouTube. However, fans flocked to the singer’s defense saying that he looks a lot better than he did before and are thrilled to see him touring with his former band again.

Gerard Way is back for My Chemical Romance Reunion tour!

My Chemical Romance have reunited for a reunion world tour and shows everywhere are selling out fast proving that there is still huge demand for these emo titans. Heck, Aussies can catch them live at Download Festival 2020, in Sydney or Melbourne, alongside Deftones, Jimmy Eat World, and new psycho-pop sensation SKYND.

Excited to see My Chemical Romance back on the street and touring the world? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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