Snoop Dogg dehumanises black conservatives with racial slur


Snoop Dogg shared a highly offensive post on his Instagram where he used a racial slur to call out black American conservatives.

The drug abusing has been rapper known as Snoop Doggy Dogg has gone on the offensive by posting a series of super offensive and very racist images on social media where he calls other black people who don’t agree with his political ideology “coons”.

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The 48-year-old actor has been showing his support for the Black Lives Matter movement by condoning violence, vandalism, and looting. He claims to want to end racism and white supremacy yet proceeds to call other black people who aren’t on the American left “coons.”

Snoop Dogg posted an image of his Instagram that had photos of several conservative black people and text, parodying The Brady Bunch, in the middle that said “The Coon Bunch.”

According to, Coon is an extremely disparaging, offensive, and contemptuous slur used to refer to a black person.

Snoop Dogg posts racist “The Coon Bunch” post on his Instagram calling out black conservative Trump supporters.

Among some of the faces seen in Snoop Dogg’s racist Instagram post are comedian Terrence K. Williams, conservative speaker Candace Owens, fitness pros and YouTubers the Hodge twins, and motivational speakers Diamond and Silk.

What do all these people have in common? They are Trump supporting conservatives, and they are black.

Donald Trump and Snoop Dogg

Donald J. Trump and Snoop Dogg were good friends before he ran for president.

Snoop Dogg was echoing the sentiments of the democratic front-running presidential candidate Joe Biden who publicly said that if you don’t vote democrat you aren’t a real back.

Snoop Dogg used to be good friends with Donald J. Trump until he decided to run for president as a republican. Since then he’s completely flip flopped.

What are your thoughts on the Snoop Dogg’s “The Coon Bunch” post? Is it racist? Does it violate Instagram’s rules on hateful conduct? Should it be removed? Let us know in the comments below.

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