Netflix’s In the Shadow of the Moon outraged a lot of people


Netflix’s In the Shadow of the Moon is a film that glorifies the murder of innocent people and it has outraged a lot of people.

Netflix’s new time-travelling murder mystery takes a crack at the old ‘if I had a time machine I’d go back and kill Hitler’ theme, but its execution was done so poorly and distastefully that it pissed a lot of people of, mostly American conservatives. But why?

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Netflix’s In the Shadow of the Moon outraged viewers. It doesn’t go to deeply into why a time-traveller is going back to kill a bunch of randos, all we know is that, in the future these people start some kind of political movement that ignites a civil war that ultimately destroys America.

The writer avoids explaining why the civil war started or why the viewer should fear or even hate the political group that does not exist yet, and I don’t think it is because he doesn’t want to offend anyone but because he has a very limited understanding of politics. The only thing we know about this group is that it was founded by a first amendment loving redneck who was apposed the ‘agenda of the globalist elite’; so, basically just a nationalist.

But to add salt to the wound, the film is not even about killing anti-Globalist, it’s about killing innocent people before they adapt a new political ideology. It’s not like something similar hasn’t been tried before, Minority Report, a film about arresting people moments before they commit a crime, springs to mind but at least that film tackled this theme with intelligence. Also, Minority Report, is not about killing people before they have an idea, it is about arresting people before they commit real crimes. And even then, the film knows this a controversial theme, whereas In the Shadow of the Moon celebrates it. Kill nationalists to save America!

Nationalism bad. Globalism good.

The films seems to have been written by someone who only recently entered the political discussion after listening to some grossly untrue facts about nationalism. If you do not live in the European Union, then you live in a nationalist country. Nationalism is simply the desire to remain sovereign as a nation. It has nothing to do with racism.

In the Shadow of the Moon Killer cancelling Netflix
In the Shadow of the Moon outraged conservatives.

Australia, although very progressive, has a strict nationalist government with even stricter immigration policies. And it has been this way ever since we won our independence from England. Up until 2016 even the most progressive American politicians were outspoken nationalists who wanted stricter immigration laws, that includes Obama.

In the Shadow of the Moon could have been an interesting film if it treated its theme with respect, and if the writer wasn’t so misinformed.

This is fine, but ban the Joker?

You would assume that a film about murdering innocent people before they have the chance to think ‘offensive thoughts’ would be under a lot of heat in the media, especially considering the film is so dangerously divisive… but it’s not. Joker, on the other hand, has made headlines in the media for daring to give a villain some character. There are calls to ban the Joker here in Australia from people who haven’t even seen the film yet. And cinemas are banning people from coming dressed as their favourite villain.

Maybe it’s because the Joker is actually a far-right extremist. That’s right, he’s an anarchist, we can’t exactly have a film that empathises for the right, but we can have films that glorify far-left extremists and serial killers.

People cancelling Netflix subscription

Instead of complaining about the movie and getting it pulled from Netflix, people that hated it are simply cancelling their Netflix subscriptions. Many thousand people reportedly cancelled their subscriptions over the weekend and while a good chunk of those people did so because they feel like In the Shadow of the Moon was the straw that broke the camels back, others just believe the service is not worth at AU$19 a month.

Did you enjoy Netflix’s new time-travelling murder mystery? Hopefully you too won’t be cancelling Netflix. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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