New Sonic design allegedly leaks online and he looks bloody amazing


When Paramount pictures first teased the live-action Sonic the internet was turned on its head; he looked like a furry. Fortunately they went back to the drawing board and now our favourite hedgehog looks epic!

Earlier this year the Sonic Movie trailer was unveiled to millions of anxious fans and although the trailer looked kind of cool, especially Jim Carrey as Eggman, there was something amiss.

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Sonic’s design was just terrible. It appeared as if they decided to make him seem more like a human than a cartoon humanoid hedgehog. The result; we got a furry.

Creepy Sonic design hoax scared fans
Creepy realistic Sony design appeared online.

Paramount responded to the criticism and pulled the film and promised fans that the speedy hedgehog would get a redesign that they would be happy with.

For months, not a peep was heard about the Sonic Movie, that is until today; Tails Channel tweeted was seems to be a leaked snapshot of the new design… and he looks awesome!

Tails Channel seems confident that this, in fact, is a legitimate leak but are still currently investigating. “Multiple images featuring an alleged redesigned Sonic has surfaced online. This is a RUMOUR! We are working to confirm its authenticity,” they tweeted.

New Sonic Movie poster leak reveals new Sonic design
Movie poster reveals new Sonic design leak

The above image is reportedly of the new movie poster. It shows Eggman (Dr. Robotnik) and the new the blue bolt.

Leaked snapshot of new Sonic in action
Picture of new Sonic design leak.

These images are yet to be confirmed as actual leaks from the new Sonic design, but in our, bloody honest, opinion they look amazing and have got us hyped.

What do you guys thing of the ‘rumoured’ new Sonic design? Faith in the film restored? Let us know in the comments below!

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