Robert Pattinson has nabbed the role of Batman in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film and he has his fan-base to thank for that. Pattinson allegedly scored the role because he was the ‘safer choice.’ This casting choice was not a unanimous decision.

Up until today the producers were not sure if Pattinson was right for the part. A source close to production claimed that Nicholas Hoult was called in for an impromptu screen-test because the casting agent thought something was amiss with Pattinson’s portrayal of Bruce Wayne.


Pattinson’s name was already in lights early this month as it was (kind of?) announced that he was a shoe-in for the role and that he was just tying up loose ends on his contract. That’s why it felt strange to hear, out of nowhere, that Nicholas Hoult was also screen-testing for the part. It showed signs of uncertainty with their initial decision that Pats will be the Bats.

Robert Pattinson Casting for Batman | Sausage Roll

Casting Confusion

Pattinson had already completed the auditioning process and was merely waiting for Warner Brothers to approve him, but after his initial screen-test the producers had some doubts. It is rumoured that the director, Matt Reeves’, was impressed with Hoult’s screen-test and favoured him for the role Bruce Wayne but Warner Brothers did not share his enthusiasm.

The decision to cast Robert Pattinson was made by the studio. Nicholas Hoult’s screen-test was the eleventh hour attempt to try and sway Warner Brothers the other way. But they still insisted on casting Pattinson because of his profile.

Safer Choice

I think it is logical to assume that they are talking about his portfolio when they refer to Pattinson’s profile. Although, I guess they could also be talking about his facial profile; ie. nose, jawline and chin. But it makes more sense if they are talking about his star-power. If that is the case, then Pattinson was cast as Batman because he was a better-known name, has more fans and would sell more tickets.

Are you happy with this casting decision? If not, who would you have cast as Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ The Batman?