People love FIFA 20 despite a disappointing career mode


It’s true, FIFA 20 has a done very little to improve career mode but fans still love the game and are singing its praise.

When Electronic Arts first teased FIFA 20 earlier this year people were a little confused. They were expecting to see more on the career mode but instead got something completely different.

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VOLTA football seemed something EA was very proud in showing off; a modern take on FIFA Street. The new game mode was generally well received, a lot of people had been waiting for a new FIFA Street game.

With today’s technology and the disc space available to developers on Blu-ray discs, fortunately, EA were able to package the new street football mode with FIFA 20 instead of selling it as a separate game. Many would argue that this new game mode is well worth the price of FIFA 20 alone.

Although VOLTA is great fun and all, it was really an unexpected treat. Fans were begging for a more fleshed out career mode, or at least significant updates. FIFA’s career mode hasn’t really been touched in years and fans are understandably frustrated at that. They feel as if career mode has been deliberately pushed aside for the game’s money magnet; FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

FUT is a game mode that allows players buy and sell their own players in a real-money online market to build their own team and compete with others online.

How much does EA make from FUT?

EA’s 2017 annual report showed FIFA coins accounted for 11% of all EA sales. This includes all other EA games and in-game transactions. That’s roughly USD$500mil of revenue earned from FUT alone.

Perhaps the motivation behind EA’s decision to ignore calls for improvements to the game’s career mode is to steer people away from the single player mode and instead veer them to the game’s biggest money maker, FUT.

FIFA 20 career mode hasn’t changed

Fans of the career mode are not at all happy with the changes, or lack thereof. Cultured Vulture reports that the changes made to career mode are merely puddle deep.

“It’s the same old Career Mode after like an hour,” claims Jimmy Donnellan, Editor-in-Chief at Cultured Vulture. “The most notable change for FIFA 20 is the ability to finally customise your manager with different faces and hairstyles. It’s a neat switch from being stuck with Old Man A or Younger Man With Quiff B, that’s for sure. There isn’t that much room for customisation, though just having the option of a shocking pink set of dreads is welcome. Too few games allow that nightmare to become a reality. That’s unfortunately where the significant and worthwhile improvements begin and end for FIFA 20.

Regardless, though, people still love FIFA 20 and are calling it the most polished title to-date. Brian Mazique, contributing author at Forbes, praised the game for its refined game mechanics. “The speed threshold is liberating and logical, and I love the ball physics. The gameplay feels more consistent with the real-life era,” he claimed while scoring the game a solid 8.25 out of 10.

FIFA 20 career mode

So, if you are hoping for an improved career mode you might be more than just a little disappointed but, rest assured, you are getting the most realistic and refined football game you can possible get. People love FIFA 20.

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