People to EA: Make Apex Legends Solo Mode permanent


EA launched their highly requested game mode to their Battle Royale game yesterday and people love it. They want EA to make Apex Legends Solo Mode permanent.

The new game mode allows you to jump into an Apex Legends match by your lonesome and pits you against 59 other players. The stakes are higher than ever and players are loving it. People are begging EA to make solos a permanent game mode in Apex Legends.

People to EA:

Despite people’s demands, yesterday EA sent out a press release stating that this awesome new game mode would only be available for a very limited time. The press release is below:

Get ready to reign over the arena: the highly requested Solo game mode is now available for a limited time as part of Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection Event. Starting today, players will be able to drop into the arena alone and face off against 59 solitary enemies – in the end, only one Legend will be crowned victorious. The event will also feature an adrenaline-pumping town takeover designed by Octane himself. In addition, the Iron Crown Collection Event will introduce brand-new skins, fresh loot, and much more for players to unlock. Get a look at some of the new content in an all-new trailer.

No guts, no glory. The Apex Legends Solo mode is here for players who have what it takes to become an Apex Legends Champion alone. Without any squadmates to watch their back, ping loot, or deliver them to a respawn beacon, players who drop into this new mode will have to adapt their strategies if they want to be the only Legend to make it out of Kings Canyon alive.

Octane’s Town Takeover will add a new rush of thrill-inducing action to Kings Canyon. The stadium, located at a coastal settlement to the west of Skull Town, features something new for the daredevil in all Legends: a mega jump pad course, stunt ramps, and plenty of fire are waiting for Legends looking to show off while they take down.

From August 16 – August 18 players will also score double XP for Top 5 finishes and wins which applies to both Account Level and Battle Pass progression.

Iron Crown Collection Event | Sausage Roll

Throughout the Iron Crown Collection Event, players can battle it out in style as new Legend skins, weapon skins, banner frames, and poses will be available for a limited time. These exclusive Iron Crown cosmetics can be found in Iron Crown Collection Packs. Players can earn two free packs by completing special event challenges, with additional packs available for purchase.. Iron Crown Collection Packs offer a 50/50 probability for Epic or Legendary items only. No duplicates, commons or rares – only top tier items.

Players who obtain all 24 Iron Crown exclusive items will have the opportunity to purchase the second heirloom item to enter the arena: Bloodhound’s Battle Axe.. After that, it will enter the standard Apex Pack loot pool. The Iron Crown Collection Event will run from Tuesday, Aug. 13, through to Tuesday, Aug. 27. Additional details about the Iron Crown Collection can be found at the Apex Legends blog here.

EA currently have no plans to make Apex Legends Solo Mode permanent and instead might create more of these kind of events in the future. However, all hope is not lost as they might reconsider at the end of the event.

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