PewDiePie says he will quit YouTube… in 20 years


PewDiePie discussed his inevitable departure from the popular video sharing platform, YouTube, and ponders the legacy he will leave behind.

PewDiePie released a video dispelling some of the rumours that he is quitting YouTube in 2020 saying that, at the time, he has no plans on quiiting.

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Last week Felix Kjellberg announced that he is taking a short break from YouTube at the start of 2020 because he’s tired and wants a holiday. Naturally, the media had a field day and the headline ‘PewDiePie quits YouTube’ started trending world wide.

PewDiePie quits YouTube reports media

CNN falsely reported that PewDiePie was taking a short break from the platform because he was escaping criticism of being an alt-right racist Nazi while other sites just claimed that the 30-year-old content creator was getting tired of making YouTube videos.

The truth is, like any normal human being, that Felix Kjellberg is simply taking some time on work to go on holiday with his newly wed wife Marzia.

PewDiePie and Marzia wedding
PewDiePie says he will quit YouTube when he’s ready.

When you are as famous as PewDiePie your must mundane actions become international news; breaking wind is essentially breaking news. However, mainstream media have going off the rails lately and have lost credibility by reporting on fake news.

PewDiePie confirmed that he will, inevitably, one day leave the platform. In his last video he discussed what will happen when he finally does quit, “20 years from now when I do quit YouTube, I wonder if they’ll still bring this crap up.”

PewDiePie is still receiving flack for his accidental little slip of tongue when he was live streaming Player Unknown Battle Ground and it is obvious that the WSJ smear campaign against the popular content creator has had a lasting effect.

PewDiePie could quit today, if he wanted

PewDiePie has been falsely accused of girding out YouTube videos just to make as money as humanly possible of YouTube but the truth is PewDiePie could quit today, if he wanted to, and still be earning millions.

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube is not PewDiePie’s main source of income. Felix and Marzia Kjellberg are both very successful entrepreneur with business generating millions in revenue. Both Felix and Marzia run a fashion company, and Felix is also earning a lot from his apps.

The day will come where PewDiePie will get bored with YouTube and bro-fist his web-cam for the last time, but that day is in the distant future. By then, there is a chance that his own children might even take over his channel.

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