Robert Downey Jr. hacked by Indian scammer, warns fans


Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram account got hacked and spammed with a bunch of fake give-away deals. The actor tweeted urging his fans to “steer clear”.

The 54 year old Iron-Man actor, Robert Downey Jr., is the latest Avengers star to be attacked on social media. Yesterday, Downing Jr. revealed that his Instagram was compromised as he urged fans to “steer clear” of his page. This broke only moments after Jeremy Renner’s own app was trolled to the point where the actor shut it down. To the amusement of some, the Hawkeye actor released a statement about his disappointment in trolls abusing his platform and issued a refund to any body who made a in-app purchase in the past 90 days.

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Robert Downey Jr’s account was spammed with PlayStations, Amazon gift cards, iPhones, and even Tesla Model Xs give-away ads. All of the give-aways were scams, the actor warned, and he does not endorse them.

Robert Downey Jr. warns fans on Twitter. ” I’m sorry to say my Instagram has been compromised… Please steer clear for the time being…”

Instagram responded swiftly by removing any infringing content on the actor’s account, but it still unknown whether his account has fully recovered.

Fake, scam give-aways on RDJ account
Robert Downey Jr. warns fans; these give-aways are scams.

Who hacked Robert Downey Jr. Instagram account?

Unlike Jeremy Renner, the account was not attacked by trolls. The give-away scams all seemed to lead to phishing and malware websites in India suggesting that he was hacked by an Indian scammer. It is also possible that a team of professional Indian scammers used brute-force attack to get access to Downey Jr’s account.

A phishing website uses fraudulent practice, in this case purporting to be the famous actor, in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. Additionally, the websites would simulate a virus prompting victims to call a scam company that would force people to pay to remove the malware.

Regardless, if Robert Downey Jr. was hacked by an Indian scammer, Instagram are not interested in the guilty party and instead are more focused on restoring the account and returning it over to the Avengers’ actor.

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