Scenes cut from Joker because of controversy shows leaked script


A leaked copy of the final Joker script reveals graphic scenes of graphic abuse, among others, were cut from the film after it was subject to controversy.

Joker hit cinemas internationally today and so far the verdict has been overwhelmingly positive. But that’s not to say the film hasn’t had its fair share of controversy. Some critics are even refusing to see it.

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The controversy started when Stephanie Zacharek, a critic for Time magazine, wrote, “In America, there’s a mass shooting or attempted act of violence by a guy like Arthur practically every other week. And yet we’re supposed to feel some sympathy for Arthur, the troubled lamb; he just hasn’t had enough love.”

Since then the rumour that Todd Phillips was somehow glorifying serial killers started to spread. It had reached a point where film critics were harassing the cast at interviews. At one point Joaquin Phoenix had, had enough and walked out.

Zazie Beetz in Joker
Joker censored/deleted scenes: Zazie Beetz death scene rumoured

Warner Bros. later issued a response to the controversy saying” “Make no mistake: Neither the fictional character Joker nor the film is an endorsement of real-world violence of any kind.” But strangely, that only made people angrier.

According to our sources the controversy has already effected the final cut of the film. Graphic scenes depicting abuse have allegedly been removed from the final cut, and this seems to be backed by a test screening and a final draft of the Joker script that leaked 5 months ago. Warning: the list of censored/deleted scenes may contain spoilers.

Joker censored/deleted scenes

  • [ABUSE] Flashbacks of Arthur Fleck being violently beaten and abused by his step-father have been completely removed from the final cut.
  • [SELF HARM] Joker cuts a smile on his face with a shard of glass has been changed to him smearing blood from his bust lip.
  • [ARMED ROBBERY] Scenes where Arthur robs pharmacies for drugs after losing his job have been deleted.

An older version of the script even indicates that Tod Phillips was going to completely remove guns from the movie after the Texas shooting and instead have Joker drug and stab his victims. Fortunately, due to time restraints, they could not re-shoot and left the gun in the movie.

The deleted scenes aren’t really vital to the film because they don’t really change the story, but the many rewrites and cuts shows the amount of pressure critics were putting on the director.

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What are your thoughts on the whole Joker controversy? Do you think this film goes too far or are you down with the clown?

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