AGT: Jayden Appleby would have won The Voice


Jayden Appleby’s cover of All I Want on AGT was golden-buzzer worthy and – let’s face it – he was better than anyone on this year’s The Voice.

An incredibly shy, unknowingly handsome, Jayden took the stage; his hands trembling violently. This would go down as his first time ever performing live, let alone singing into a microphone. AGT onlookers had no idea what to expect, but what followed the soft piano intro of Kodaline’s All I Want brought the entire audience to tears.


What made Jayden’s performance so unforgettable is just how real it was, it felt like he was telling his own story. Jayden hasn’t exactly felt like he belonged in is life. He doesn’t have a close relationship with his parents and he has been in and out of homes his entire childhood. He’s tirelessly battled against his own insecurities and depressions but he finally decided to take one of Australia’s biggest stage and face his fears head on… and Australia is better for it.

Jayden Appleby
AGT: Jayden Appleby would have won The Voice

Jayden Appleby’s performance was golden-buzzer worthy. His voice is powerful, his tone is beautiful and Jayden himself – oh my – let me just say, he kind of reminds me of a younger, darker, Heath Ledger (swoon).

If Jayden Appleby would have performed on channel 9’s The Voice he would have won it by a landslide. Sure, The Voice had some great singers this year, like the fabulous Elsa Clement, but overall it was a disappointing year for the show. Diana Rouvas’s single is failing terrible on iTunes and on YouTube gathering a measly 600 downloads on its debut. It could be that people are fed up with the judges breaking the rules and turning it into their own show, or maybe it is the whole voting scandal. It could also be that the show is just missing character and is in dire need of people like Jayden. Whatever it is, the way currently are on The Voice, Australia’s Got Talent is probably a better career choice for him, regardless.

I don’t doubt that Jayden Appleby, regardless of his success on Australia’s Got Talent, will go on to have an extremely successful career in music. He has certainly made a fan out of me.

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