Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz got married, let’s just end MAFS now


In a Married at First Sight first, lesbian brides Amanda and Tash tied the knot in front of emotional family and friends, and it was beautiful. Let’s just end it here.

The most emotionally captivating and beautiful marriage thus far on MAFS was definitely Amanda’s and Tash; the first MAFS lesbian wedding! It was almost too good to be true, and it just might be. If you want a happy ending, then don’t read ahead.

Did you know?Jessika Power almost broke her back doing squats at the gym.

Amanda and Tash looked absolutely perfect together on their wedding day; Tash all giddy having a strong confident women vowing to take care of her, and Amanda blown away by her wife’s breathtaking beauty. But, sadly, things are about to come crashing down.

We have tried to hard to avoid spoilers but the feud between Tash and Amanda has transcended social media; it’s now national headlines. Fortunately, we have not read those headlines so we don’t know what really happened between the two of them, but sadly we know that things don’t work out for the two of them.

It honestly is tragic, their wedding was wonderful and we were really hoping that something beautiful would come out of it. It was hard not to get all teary eyed after Amanda’s spine-tingling vows… best we’ve ever heard.

MAFS FIRST: Lesbian newlyweds Amanda and Tash first kiss!

MAFS Amanda and Tash first lesbian kiss

MAFS Amanda Micallef and Tash Herz first lesbian kiss

So, can’t we just end the show there and pretend they lived on happily ever after? We’d love to, but the new season of MAFS is just too good and can’t look away.

With that being said, who do you think started the feud, Amanda Micallef or Tash Herz… and why? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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