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Angel Reboot: 6 amazing cast options for the vampire with a soul

Angel Reboot: 6 amazing cast options for the vampire with a soul

An Angel reboot is on the cards according to Disney but who on Earth could match David Boreanaz’s iconic performance of the vampire with the soul? Here are 6 great cast options.

We know there is a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer series reboot on the way. Joss Whedon has been confirmed to produce and co-write the series with Monica Osuwu-Breen. Although showrunner, Osuwu-Breen, tweeted that the original character’s cannot be replaced, former cast members still believe the show will be a hard reboot.

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In 2018, the classic TV show Charmed received a similar reboot; similar characters, similar story but different names. Unfortunately, the show has failed to live up to the original and is being panned by critics across the board leaving the show’s future in murky waters. But, this kind of reboot would be almost impossible to pull off with Buffy and Angel. Why? Because unlike Charmed, these two shows are solely focused on their title characters. The Charmed sister’s were replaceable, as demonstrated by Shannen Doherty’s departure.

So, in case of a reboot, I have prepared a list of 6 great actors that would be great casting options to play Angel in the Disney reboot.

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse the new Angel| Sausage Roll

Some of you may know him the little boy from Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy but most of you will think you know him as Jughead Jones from Riverdale. Well, you’d be wrong. Dylan is Cole’s twin brother. He is the perfect mix of dark and brooding, mysterious and has that old tortured soul look in his eyes. If anyone has seen him as Lucas Ward in Dismissed might agree he is right for the role.

Josh Hutcherson

Josh Hutcherson | Sausage Roll

Josh needs no introduction. The Hunger Games trilogy turned Hutcherson into a bit of a uber-crush. Zero turned Hero, Hutcherson could easily play Angel in the future reboot. He has a smile that can slay people and is very intimidating when he is serious and focused.

Dylan Minnette

Dylan Minnette | Sausage Roll

Dylan Minette is a great candidate to play Angel. Need 13 reasons why? Not only is Minnette a seasoned actor, but he is also an incredible talented musician who can play most every instrument and he also has an extremely sexy voice. If you are not convinced that he could play the part, check out the video below of his band Wallows!

Braeden Lemasters

Brendan Lemasters | Sausage Roll

Does Braeden look familiar to you? Well, not only does he look like a younger David Boreanaz, but he is also the Wallows with Dylan Minnette. Lemasters also has an impressive work history; Flock of Four, The Romanoffs, Tagged, 11.22.63.

Sterling Beaumon

Sterling Beaumon | Sausage Roll

Beaumon has a habit of stealing the spotlight. At just 13 years old he played a tormented child on the 6th season of Criminal Minds and his performance was a show stealer. Now Beaumon is all grown up and he’s a handsome and talented actor who is more than capable of playing an old soul embodied in a young man.

Andrea Arcangeli

Andrea Arcangeli | Sausage Roll

Where do I start. Heck, Andrea’s last name is Arcangeli which means the archangel! He is a very popular Italian actor who is starting to make a name for himself on the English market. He played Angelo in the highly rated Getty biopic mini series Trust along side Donald Sutherland, Brandon Fraser and Hilary Swank. It’s almost like Andrea was born for this role.

Whoever they cast, we cannot wait to see Buffy and Angel reunite in an exciting new story.