Are the challenges on Australian Survivor too dangerous?


The producers have certainly upped the ante for challenge standard this year, but have they gone too far? Are the challenges on Australian Survivor too dangerous?

I think it’s safe to assume that we were all a little shocked with what happened in yesterday’s challenge. I also think this is the first time in Survivor history something like this has happened. If you don’t know what I am talking about and don’t want Monday’s episode of Australian Survivor spoiled for you then it is probably best you click on one of the links below instead.

Did you know?

Still here? Good. You can check out those interesting reads after this article. Now, back on topic;is Australian Survivor too dangerous? Last night extreme surfer Ross Clarke-Jones – better known to his tribe mates as Rossco – suffered a game ending injury. The catch is, though, it wasn’t even his fault!

Although I previously reported that the board beneath him snapped, I looked away for a brief moment and saw him screaming in a pit, I was mistaken. I assumed the snap I heard was from a wooden board… but it was his ankle! My bad! The rope he swung across to get to the other platform, at one point of the immunity challenge, could not handle his body weight and just snapped and poor ol’ Rossco fell to the ground and broke his ankle, badly. Ross was screaming in agony while everybody else stood by helplessly looking on with horror.

Australian Survivor responsible for Ross’s injury

Fans took to Twitter absolutely furious blaming the the incompetency of the producers and staff. “Did they not test the challenge before hand,” wrote one user. The injury, although enough to end Ross’s game, fortunately was not life threatening, but that’s not to say it could have been a heck of a lot worse.

So, now Ross is out of the game. He came back on crutches and told the rest of his tribe mates that ‘they are off the hook for the night’ as none of them were going home. None except Ross, of course. And sadly his last wave would be his wave goodbye.

Are challenges too dangerous?

There is no denying it, this has been the most extreme Survivor to ever air. I have always had a wanting to apply for Survivor, but, honestly, the challenges this season have scared the living daylights out of me. One of the most gruelling challenges this season is when the castaways had to drag a 200-something kilo wooden slab through the mud. Imagine if that ran over your toes! Then there was another challenge where they had to crawl to the end of this thin plank and untie a loop while about 10 meters above the water. And then there was last night’s challenge where the they had to make from one platform to the other by hopping across little log stepping stones about a meter high; poor little Pia Miranda was absolutely terrified.

Survivor: Ross Clarke-Jones injury | Sausage Roll

I have always had this feeling of impending pain and disaster while watching the new Australian Survivor challenges. And, frankly, I am a bit surprised nobody hurt themselves sooner. The challenges seem very dangerous.

Will Australian Survivor pay Ross?

A little bird told me that Australian Survivor reached an agreement with Ross Clark-Jones for an amount close to AUD$100, 000 – but this remains unconfirmed. The amount is allegedly paid out in good faith because Australian Survivor are not obliged to pay it. These kind of “accidents” are apparently covered in the legally binding documents signed by the contestants.

Sure, it was very sad to see Rossco have to leave due to such a crappy incident, but ultimately it does not affect our current predictions for the 5 most likely castaways to win Australian Survivor and I’m also happy that Harry Houdini gets to live to see another day. Regardless, we wish him a speedy recovery and hope for to see him return for a second shot at the title in the near future.

What are your thoughts on the new challenges? Are the challenges on Australian Survivor too dangerous? Or do you think it can be even harder? Let us know in the comments below! And while your at it, why don’t you follow us on Twitter for the good banter!

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