Australian Survivor is more brutal than American Survivor


As both shows are playing back-to-back it becomes more and more obvious that Australian Survivor is more brutal than the American version.

Ever since Network 10 was acquired by CBS and took over Australian Survivor the ratings for the show have been skyrocketing. It is one of the most viewed reality TV series in Australia, and there’s a good reason for that.

VIDEO: This scene would have been censored on American Survivor.

The Australia Survivor reboot is quintessentially the best reality TV show in Australia. It is also rivalling the classic American version of the show; many actually think that Australian Survivor is better.

Perhaps it is because Network 10 knew they had so much to prove after the flop of the previous attempt at the show. This time around the shower is crazier, tougher, and wilder… and it has the charms of host Jonathan LaPiglia to boot (much better choice than Ian Dickson).

Australian Survivor 2019 cast and trailer | Sausage Roll

So, what is it exactly that makes Australian Survivor more brutal than American Survivor? Let’s start with the obvious.

It lasts longer.

I can only imagine that 39 days without the bare necessities and niceties is extremely gruelling. With less than the bare minimum protecting you against the harsh elements of an unbridled wilderness and extreme weather I’m blown away that people can last more than a week, let alone 39.

Well, Australian Survivor lasts an extra 11 days making a total of 50… and that’s got to be tough, especially after having weathered through 39 days of this insanity in the first place.

More contestants.

Since the game is longer, naturally, there needs to be more contestants. More contestants means tougher competition; not only is there a larger physical threat, but the social game becomes a heck of a lot harder.

Group 1 Survivor promo

So Australian Survivor has more contestants and lasts a whole 11 days longer than the American version. You can’t argue that it isn’t more brutal already.

More dangerous challenges.

I don’t know what’s going on inside of the head of producers when they plan some of the challenges in Australian Survivor, I know just by looking at these challenges I would not be able to tackle them, I’d freak out even before the challenges start.

American Survivor challengers seem very tame in comparison to the Australian challenges. Perhaps it is because the American version has been running longer, and they know what works, what doesn’t work, and what might get them sued if players get injures. The Australian Survivor challenges, in my opinion, are a bit too dangerous.

Tougher contestants.

I actually don’t like this aspect of Aussie Survivor. Whoever does the casting seems to favour former world class, medal winning, athletes over the ordinary introverted pleb (like me!). Sure, you might get one or two each season, but the majority of the players are all former Aussie athletes.

Even when you disregard that, most Aussies are kind of used to the elements of nature which makes them a bit tougher in general. Aussie kids are outdoor kids… Aussie kids are Weetbix kids.


It’s almost impossible to play a good social game on Australian Survivor because of the amount of “loyalty” between players. Day one on the island and game lasting alliances are already formed, and they aren’t even formed strategically… they are formed naturally.

Boston Rob

Athletes stick together. Beautiful stick together. Women stick together. Then whoever is left are forced to create a minority alliance that usually gets picked apart one by one unless they have an idol in their pocket. Even towards the endgame people are unwilling to betray their alliances.

Sure, loyalty is a great quality but it makes for boring television. In the end, Australian Survivor may be more brutal but it still has a lot to learn from the American version, because it is ultimately, for now at least, the more entertaining version.

Do you prefer Australian or American Survivor? Let us know in the comments below.

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