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Bachelor Nation erupts after Nick Viall’s “Windmill” tweet

Did Hannah have sex with Nick Viall before her season? Former Bachelor and two time Bachelorette runner-up tweeted about the controversial “windmill” scene causing Bachelor Nation to erupt.

The Bachelorette and Bachelor host, Chris Hansen, teased an explosive scene where Hannah Brown admits that she had sex with one of her suitors at a windmill right after hometowns.

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Although the aforementioned episode has not yet aired Bachelor Nation have been speculating like crazy and Nick Viall’s tweet has only added more fuel to the fire.

Reality TV podcaster, Reality Steve (warning, spoiler in link), allegedly let it leak who Hannah had sex with at the windmill. But fans are not so certain whether his claim is accurate. According to an MTA (Men Tell All) insider, one of the suitors said that Hannah admitted who it was. It wasn’t who Reality Steve thought it was.

Nick Vial tweets about Tyler and Windmill | Sausage Roll

It is rumoured that Hannah had sex with multiple suitors during the filming of her season. On top of Hannah’s nude bungee jump adventure and the windmill drama, Hannah’s very sexual nature has led to some questioning her promiscuity before the show.

Did Hannah have sex with Nick Viall?

Even though the tweet is most likely just a bit of friendly banter between Bachelor Family, it could also be a sneaky nod that Nick Viall has had a bit of a naughty encounter with her before her season. When she appeared on Nick’s podcast, The Viall Files, Ms. Brown was asked if she ever had her heart broken before the show. She hesitated to answer the question in front of Nick and says, “this is some serious s***“. Knowing Ms. Browns promiscuous nature, it is not too crazy to assume that something may have happened between the two of them in the past.

What makes this tweet even more weird is the picture that was shared and Tyler’s and Hannah’s responses. There is clear sexual innuendo which lends credence to those who might already believe that Hannah Brown is a little more sexually active than perceived.

We’re going to have to wait until the 16th to find out who Hannah was with at the windmill and what really happened. Until then, everything else will just remain as gossip.