Bede Warnock gives a spine tingling performance in Stan’s The Commons


Who is Bede Warnock and why is this young teenager upstaging his fellow cast mates? His performance on The Commons proves he has a great career a head of him.

Stan Original series The Commons premieres on Christmas day here in Australia. This character driven Sci-Fi drama has a star studded cast, but young male actor Bede Warnock is proving to be the star of the show.

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The Commons is one of the most uniquest television shows to air in 2019. Dealing with the controversial issue of climate change, the show manages to remain bi-partisan and is by no means politically divisive. Instead it remains true to the Sci-Fi element of “what if” and handles the theme tastefully.

The first two episodes do an amazing job in world building; the futuristic Australian setting seems very, very believable… and what sells it is the amazing performances of the seasoned cast. But among the veteran talents is a young man whose performance outshines, and at times even upstages, his fellow cast mates.

Rising star

Young Bede Warnock plays Cosmo Boulay; a very intelligent and well spoken teenage boy who suffers from a type of autism that affects his ability to communicate and connect with family. But although seemingly shy and distant Cosmo wants nothing more than to let his family know, that despite his neurological impairment, he is normal and loves them as much as is humanly possible.

The Boulay Family Bede Warnock (Cosmo, The Commons) on left.

Sounds like a pretty demanding role for a teenager, right? Yet somehow Bede Warnock manages to deliver some of the most emotionally taxing scenes ever seen on Australian television. This young actor has an amazing career in film and television ahead of him… you just watch!

Motion art

When we weren’t falling in love with Cosmo Boulay we were being blown away by The Commons beautiful cinematography. Each frame is like a beautiful painting of a believable Australian future. If movies are considered motion pictures, then The Commons can definitely be considered motion art.

A lot of thought went into world building. A lot of people may be a little surprised to see so much greenery — so much vegetation — in a world consumed by a burning climate, but the way it is represented in The Commons is scientifically accurate. When the climate gets hotter there’s more precipitation, meaning that foliage grows quicker.

The Commons is a visual masterpiece.

The Commons, out 25th of December on Stan, is a show for those who enjoy character driven dramas. Surely, it will also appease the Sci-Fi fan with its futuristic and — somewhat — dystopian setting.

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