Best TV Series Of 2021 You Cannot Miss

The best shows and series to watch in 2021 on Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Prime, and other video-on-demand streaming platforms.

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There are a lot of great TV shows and series worth binge watching in 2021 but it is kind of hard keeping up with them considering there are so many different streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and Disney Plus. So here are the best TV shows in 2021 and where to watch them.

Last year, the TV series undoubtedly helped everyone to stay home without feeling bored during dark times. It may be the only thing that anyone would like to remember about last year.

However, 2021 is expected to be a better year than 2020. Also, many TV series have been launched that are worthy of watching. You would feel the joy and excitement while viewing them just the way you do after receiving the True Blue casino2021 codes at an online casino. 

Best TV Series Worthy of Watching 

It’s the perfect time to catch up on the latest good shows that you might have missed. From dark comedy, science-fiction to emotional drama, a wide range of TV shows is available to watch. Here is a list of the best TV series of 2021 that no one would like to miss. 2021 is expected to get better with time, and you will get to see many TV series with the production slowly starting to shoot, maintaining the Covid-19 protocols. Below, you can find a list of shows available for watching. 

Call Me Kat

A 39-year single woman, Kat, played by Mayim Bialik, went back to her hometown in Louisville, KY. She went there to open a new café and was happy with being single. Swoosie Kurtz played her mother, and the comedy breaks the fourth wall regularly while Kat looks confused talking to Cheyenne Jackson. In the show, Cheyenne is playing the role of Max and is her old college friend.

Call Me Cat

Presently, he is working at the bar beside the street. The series sounds like Fleabag leaving depression, despair, or a devastating secret. Nonetheless, when you watch the show, you will understand it is on Miranda, the British show. In 2009, it premiered on BBC, and Jim Parsons is the executive producer of this series. A few shows are there where it is shown that a single woman is fine being ‘single’, and it is one of them. 


It is a new generation show that will stand out, making things look phenomenal. Watching the series looks like it narrates a story, and there is no need for clever twists or high concepts. Creating humane and beautiful writing can also make a place in peoples’ hearts.


Three series are there through which Chris Lang, the creator, is investigating a “years-old but newly unearthed murder.” It is a course of action to tell powerful stories of shame, guilt, and regret. Stuart, a detective, is sympathetic, understandable, extraordinary, and exceptional in his task. This series deserves to be watched by everyone at least once. 

Mr. Mayor

It is a story of a successful and wealthy retired businessman who leaves behind ‘The Good Place’ and runs to become a Los Angeles mayor. Surprisingly, he won. Ted Danson plays the titular character in the series. Being a highly committed person with some great ideas, he started to work shaking the City Hall.

Quickly, he finds navigating politics is not like a usual business. There are foods to be eaten, ribbons to be cut, and opinions to be heard. As it is set on the post-Covid-19, the back-to-back episodes are a little rocky. 

The Mandalorian 

It is the first Star Wars live-action TV series and has to be one of the big hits across the United States. It is described best as a space western and revolves around a Mandalorian bounty hunter.

The Mandalorian

He receives a bounty, and the direction is great. It is so amazing that you will love to stick to the show until you complete the entire series. The visuals and music are a cherry on the cake and work perfectly well. 

Better Call Saul Season Five

The day it was launched, everyone thought it would be a boring spin-off series of Breaking Bad. But many people were surprised to watch the show. The beautiful cinematography and brilliant writing have proved the story stands out of all other seasons.

Better Call Saul

The ten-episode season shows the evolution of the titular character Saul Goodman, who has regained the law license of a criminal defence lawyer. The newest season is available on various platforms, which you can watch. 

After completing the above series, you can also consider watching some more. It is also listed among the best TV shows, which is why you should not miss them. Every story is different, and here are some more to binge-watch. 

1. Bloodlands

The Irish crime thriller is already a hit show where James Nesbitt is playing Tom Brannick, a detective. He is looking into a 20-year-old case based on the past of Northern Ireland. Here you get to see how Brannick tries his level best to unmask Goliath, the assassin. It is based on finding the truth behind what happened to his wife. She has been missing for a long time. In the story, you will find the truth begins to emerge, and it is the first production of HTM Television, written by Chris Brandon. 

2.  Girls5Eva

Two new comedy series are produced by Tina Fey; one is Mr. Mayor, and another is Grils5Eva. It is a comedy-drama with a short-lived 90s girl group reuniting at another shot for fame. Ashley Park plays the role of Ashley and holds the group together, and is considered as glue.

Some other members of the girl group are Paula Pell, Sara Bareilles, Busy Philipps, and Renée Elise Goldsberry. The storyline is they have grown women balancing children, spouses, ageing parents, debts, etc. But can’t they also be called Girls5Eva? By watching the entire series, you can find out about it. The story is unique from all others that you might have seen till now. 

3.  Race to the Center of the Earth

It is a story of four teams worldwide of three races for a $1 million prize. It is shown in seven episodes, and they start their journey from several corners of the globe. Alaska and Anchorage, who have known for the past 15 years, started in Russia and other coworkers from Colorado and Denver started their journey in Canada.

Another group from California and San Diego started in South America. Some others from Washington and Seattle started in Southeast Asia. All races following their designated route to a buoy at the center of the ocean are designated as the center of the earth. 

 4. WandaVision

The wonderfully created nine-episode TV show centers on Elizabeth Olsen or Avenger Wanda Maximoff. Elizabeth finds that she lives in an ever-evolving alternative universe with Paul, her “thought-to-be-destroyed robot husband” until now. The early episodes are joyful while turned into a Marvel fare in the end.

The finale will show a tale of reconciliation and grief, and after Wanda starts assuming the mantle of Scarlet Witch, she becomes more powerful than before. She has found that she needs to destroy the Hex and free the people of Westview. The story is so beautifully weaved that it feels like a real story, and Kathryn Hahn steals the show. 

This is what you must know about the TV shows in 2021 and also watch them. Some series are so good that you will like to watch them for the second and probably the third time.  So, it’s time to get ready with your popcorn, switch on your television or OTT platforms, and start enjoying.

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