Boy, 13, arrested for groping Sunrise reporter proves gender bias in laws


21 year old Instagram model sent and solicited nudes from a 13 year old boy but was not arrested, however, a 13-year-old boy was arrested for allegedly groping a adult female reporter.

Sunrise host Bianca Stone alleged that she felt violated and broken when she was harassed and groped by a young teenager while crossing a street at 4AM in the Brisbane CBD.

The boy was later arrested and charged for sexual assault by the Queensland Police according to Stone.

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A Sunrise reporter was harassed and ‘inappropriately touched’ by a 13-year-old boy on her way to work.  

The Sunrise reporter and a single mother of two claimed that a teenage boy made unwanted advances on her at 4AM in the Brisbane CBD as she was on her way to work.

Reporter tweets to QLD police

“I was approached, harassed and inappropriately touched by a teen. Tonight the offender was caught. He’s 14 and apologetic,” Bianca Tweeted on Friday. 

“I really hope he learns from this. Thank you Queensland Police -excellent work.” 

The Queensland Police Department responded by confirming the incident happened but issued a correction stating the boys actual age was 13 and that he is being charged and the issue was being resolved under the Youth Justice Act.

Boy, 13, arrested for groping Sunrise reporter Bianca Stone

Boy, 13, arrested for groping Sunrise reporter Bianca Stone

The way the situation was handled highlights a gross gender bias in Australian law.

In February a 20-something Instagram model and social influencer followed a young boy on Instagram, sent and solicited nudes, and planned to meet up with him privately to take his virginity.

Bethany Edgecombe goes by the alias Blondie Australia on Instagram. She kept asking for nudes as well as sending explicit sexual images and messages to him after she learned that he was just 13 and even referred to herself as a ‘pedophile’.

Aussie blonde DMs

Boy, 13, arrested for groping Sunrise reporter Bianca Stone

The victim’s parents took the evidence to the police but were told this was a non-issue, so instead she took it to A Current Affair where they tracked Bethany Edgecombe down for her response. She said that she had no regrets and flashed the reporter on live television; something, I might add, would be considered sexual assault if done by a male.

Bethany Edgecombe flashing A Current Affair

Boy, 13, arrested for groping Sunrise reporter Bianca Stone

After the A Current Affair episode aired the Australian police announced that they were investigating this case, but, as of today, no arrests have been made despite the plethora of evidence held by the boy’s family and the officially confession of Bethany on A Current Affair.

This calls to question how quickly the Queensland police responded to a Tweet made by a Australian morning talk show host claiming she was sexual assaulted — groped — by a child.

It is seems as there may be gender bias when it comes to Australian law when I 20-something year old admitted female pedophile does not get arrested for preying on a 13-year-old boy, but a 13-year-old boy does get arrested for groping a female adult.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe there is a clear gender bias in Australian law? Let us know in the comments below.

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