Chris Lilley cancelled by Netflix Australia for ‘blackface’ and ‘brownface’


Netflix has permanently removed We Can Be HeroesSummer Heights HighAngry Boys and Jonah From Tonga from their platform in Australia.

Beloved Aussie comedian, Chris Lilley, has been struck hard by cancel culture has he’s labelled a ‘white supremacist’ and a ‘racist’ for portraying coloured people in his shows.

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Chris Lilley has been cancelled! Netflix has shown their political bias by removing four of Aussie comedian Chris Lilley’s television series that, according to SBS, contained “controversial portrayals of black and brown characters.”

The four shows were originally aired on the ABC from 2005 to 2014. Netflix, now, have zero interest in hosting his shows due to Chris Lilley using ‘blackface’.

Chris Lilley is known for playing many interesting characters. In his series he usually plays many different characters all of different backgrounds. However, his character ‘Jonah’ has recently been hit by cancel culture as the Black Lives Matter activists discovered him.

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Netflix Australia has permanently removed and cancelled Aussie comedian Chris Lilley shows from their platform for ‘blackface’ and ‘brownface’.

Originally appearing in the hit ABC series Summer Heights High, Jonah is a Tongan boy and class clown. The fact that there’s a white guy playing him angered Anti-Racism protesters.

Angry Boys was also removed from the platform because Chris Lilley portrayed a black American rapper, S. Mouse. There was outcry from the Black Lives Matter activists to ‘get rid of that racist trash show immediately.’

Chris Lilley’s comedies are but a few of the shows that have recently been removed from Netflix as they attempt to remove any content that Black Lives Matter might find offensive and/or problematic.

What are your thoughts on Netflix deleting all of Chris Lilley’s comedy shows? Let us know in the comments below.

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