Could ruthless Aussie model David “Iron Man” Genat win USA Survivor?


Aussie super model and Survivor veteran ruthlessly votes out ally Phoebes Timmins after stealing her immunity idol. Could he take on the USA?

How does someone as popular and attractive as David “Iron Man” Genat fly under the Australian Survivor radar for so long? He’s not had his name written down once.

Despite constantly being the focus of attention David Genat has not been perceived a real threat by fellow castaways, and he’s playing them Lemmings.

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The 49-year-old professional model is the biggest threat in the game right now. He’s not only a challenge beast, bust his social and strategic game is next level. Dave is currently sitting on two immunity idols; one which he — kind of — stole from his former ally Phoebe Timmins.

Phoebe Survivor bikini beach

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David “Iron Man” Genat is almost guaranteed a place in the final 3 if he plays his immunity idols correctly now that he’s one of the only physical threats remaining in the game. He’s also proven that he has impeccable problem solving skills by finding two immunity idols, winning puzzle challenges, and fooling his fellow castaways.

Seeing as most of the largest physical threats have already been sent home David Genat is in pole position to fight his way to the final 3 and the rest of the Australian Survivor cast is oblivious to it.

sexiest male Australian Survivor Dave Genat

Could ruthless Aussie model David “Iron Man” Genat win USA Survivor?

With his striking good looks, charms, physical abilities, and his willingness to play ruthlessly Dave Genat is a perfect candidate to take on American Survivor.

Although Australian Survivor may be tougher, American castaways have always been a bit more ruthless and willing to make huge plays. The social element of American Survivor has always been its strong point and, finally, we have a player that could hold is own… David Genat could even win Survivor in the USA.

If we could only send one Aussie castaway to compete in American Survivor who would you choose? Let us know in the comments below on our main site.

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