‘Cracka’ shocking new series glorifies the killing and raping of white people

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“Cracka,” new ‘revenge porn’ television series glorifies violence against white people with a alternative history twist on slavery.

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The new series starring the Hotel Rwanda actor, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, and rapper Saigon fantasises about an alternative history where white men and women are slaves who get brutalised, raped and even hanged.

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Hip-hop music director Dale Resteghini is sick of ‘white supremacy’ and he really wants to stick it to white people by shocking them with an alternative history ‘revenge porn’ television series that reverses the race roles on slavery.

His upcoming series “Cracka” is likely to do just that.

The word “cracker” or “cracka” — much like the N-word — is the racist and contemptuous term, only it used to insult white people. So, Dale — wanting to be as offensive to white people as possible — decided that would be the perfect name for his revenge and torture porn television series.

The series is about a present-day “white supremacist Nazi” that is randomly, and magically, sent back in time to an alternate past where Africans enslave whites and rule the land known as America. 

Controversial anti-white series ‘Cracka’ trailer video.

The self-hating white writer explains the synopsis of his new series: “In a world where white privilege, systematic oppression, and minority protest in order to break the chains of bondage runs regular, white supremacist Michael Stone is doing everything he can to maintain his privilege by exercising every opportunity to ensure the American he knows and loves continues to remain pure and more importantly, remain white!”

The series depicts grotesque violence of white people including graphic scenes of white women being raped by black men.

Despite the very low budget look of the trailer some fans are yearning for the series and can’t wait to see white people “get theirs.”

Hakeem Kae-Kazim in anti-white television show 'Cracka'

Hakeem Kae-Kazim in anti-white television show ‘Cracka’ available on iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video later this year.

A user called ‘KillAllWhitesTonight’ on AllHipHip wrote: “BEAUTIFUL. Let us pay back to these white cowards what they have done and are still doing unto us. I am armed… my full body armor suit is on its way in the mail and I am ready for war…. Die white bitches!”

UPDATE: Cracka creator hyped that show may inspire violence against white people!

Dale Restighini hopes that his new series will persuade people to vote against Trump and white supremacy as ‘Cracka’ is set to release on iTunes and Amazon Prime Video right before the 2020 U.S. presidential elections.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming revenge porn series “Cracka” after seeing the trailer video? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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