Did Carole Baskin confess to the murder of her husband on Tiger King?


Tiger King is by far the hottest show on Netflix right now and one of the biggest twists is the mystery of Baskin’s millionaire husband? Many think she may have murdered him, and they may be right.

Out of all the twisted people on Netflix’s hit documentary, Tiger King, Carole Baskin and her husband are probably the creepiest and, well, most disliked. Plenty of people are convinced that she murdered her millionaire ex-husband.

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Out of all the strange characters in Tiger King, it is hard to find someone to really get behind. Most of the people the show introduces us to are pretty dodgy, but they are at least obvious. One character, however, seems to be the devil in disguise.

Carole Baskin, at least in the beginning, is kind of touted to be the protagonist. She is an animal rights activist who wants to shut down tiger cub petting zoos… but as the show progresses we get to see her hypocritical side… and then, eventually, her deep dark secret.

Carole Baskin with her current husband on a leash

Did Carole Baskin confess to the murder of her husband on Tiger King (photo of her with husband on leash)

When Baskin was in her 20s she married a multi-millionaire that was twice her senior. It was revealed that their relationship had turned sour and Don Lewis feared for his life. He wrote a letter to his attorney stating that he believed that Carole Baskin was just after his money and that he feared for his life. The following month he vanished without trace.

Don Lewis’s family, attorney, friends, and even accountant all believe that Carole Baskin was involved in his disappearance. People speculated that she might have killed him and fed him to her tigers. Especially after hearing her explain the best way to make a tiger eat a human. “Just cover them in sardine oil or something they want to eat, should do the trick,” Baskin said.

Hearing her say that gave many people the creeps, especially after learning about how suddenly her millionaire ex-husband just disappeared.

However, there is one scene in particular where Carole seems to give an embedded confession of how she killed her husband.

Did Carole Baskin confess to the murder of her husband on Tiger King?

Did Carole Baskin confess to the murder of her husband on Tiger King (photo of missing husband Don Lewis)

An embedded confession is where the suspects inadvertently admits to committing a crime through their choice of words. It’s something a lot of detectives look for when identifying the guilty party.

In most cases the suspect will be very descriptive in talking about past events that they should have no recollection of, and, in this case, it is when she talks about Joe Exotic allegedly taking out a hit on her.

“A little bird told me,” Carole explained, “that one of Joe’s tacts was that they wre going to drug me with Ketamine.” She goes onto explain why Ketamine was the perfect drug of choice, “which is a paralysing agent, and then throw me in a back of a car and drive me to the swamp and cut up my body to pieces.”

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But evidence suggest that nobody told her this and she was either speaking from experience or she was very knowledgeable on the topic.

At the point when ‘an insider’ allegedly told her what they planned to do with her, a hit hadn’t even been placed on her. It was still nothing more than just a bunch of junkies talking about their murder fantasies. Regardless, what she said the ‘insider’ told her did not, at all, match up to Jeff Lowe’s plans. She made it up.

For an innocent animal rights activist who apparently didn’t murder her husband, she sure knows a lot of about drugging people, feeding them to tigers, and dipsosing their remains into swamps.

Did you guys think that Carole Baskin murdered her millionaire ex-husband? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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