Disney considering Buffy spin-off about Willow Rosenberg


Now that the Buffyverse is in Disney’s hand they allegedly have massive plans for the franchise; this includes a reboot, multiple spin-offs, and even a blockbuster movie.

Not too long ago it was announced that Buffy was returning. Showrunner Monica Owusu-Breen confirmed that a new series, with Joss Whedon returning as a producer, was in development… but after the Disney acquisition things have changed.

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When the reboot was first unofficially announced fans were rightfully worried that the new series would completely undo the current universe’s lore. On top of 7 amazing seasons there is a plethora of comic books that add to the story and although Disney may not be planning on scrapping the original lore, they are definitely rewriting it.

Disney owned graphic novel publicists BOOM! Studios has published 13 comic books so far which completely retell the story of Buffy’s first year at Sunnydale High School. The comic books are supposed to correct any material that today might be considered problematic or controversial and producers of the upcoming television shows are told to use the comic books as cannon.

Yes, you read that right, shows. Disney allegedly have huge plans for the Buffyverse moving forward. There are plans to expand the franchise into multiple spin-offs and even a blockbuster movie. Buffy is set to become one of the flagship franchises for Disney over the next few years.

Rosenberg spin-off in the works

One of the ideas been thrown around a lot is a Willow Rosenberg spin-off simple titled “Rosenberg“. Although 45-year-old Alyson Hannigan is not going to be the shows main star she is rumoured to feature in it.

Could Sophia Lillis play Willow Rosenberg?

Disney considering Buffy spin-off: Willow Rosenberg Series.

The show is described to be about a middle-aged red haired witch who travels through multiple dimension searching for her long lost lover. She casts some sort spell that throws her back in time but to a completely different dimension.

Willow Rosenberg and Tara Maclay
Disney considering Buffy spin-off: Willow Rosenberg Series

Disney considering Buffy spin-off: Willow Rosenberg Series.

Doesn’t it sounds like Willow might be trying to bring back Tara Maclay? As many die-hard fans already know, time-travel and dimension skipping is not new to the Buffyverse… but you can be certain that The Oracles won’t be too happy about it.

Buffy and Marvel crossover

There are rumours floating about that a Buffy x Marvel crossover could happen in the not too distant future. Although it may be a possibility, if it ever happened, it would most likely only be for a small cameo or a single movie or episode appearance.

Rosenberg seems like the most likely candidate for the crossover considering she is an all-powerful witch that now seemingly has the ability to travel between dimensions. She might just stumble into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and help the Avengers defeat the new bad; which is rumoured to be Captain Marvel herself!

From the looks of things, though, it seems like Disney is interested in going all-in with the Buffy franchise and want it to be big enough to have its very own section, like Star Wars and Marvel.

At the moment nothing has been confirmed accept for that we are definitely getting a new Buffy series which Disney Plus (Disney+) will most likely announce later next year… but honestly, who wouldn’t love to see a Willow spin-off?

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