Disney+ to announce Buffy news very soon?


It’s been confirmed, a new Buffy television series is coming. We noticed some significant changes to the intellectual property that might hint at big news.

A new Vampire Slayer television series in early stages of productions. Sources tell us that the new show will simply be called ‘Buffy’. But why drop the ‘Vampire Slayer‘ part? Here’s why…

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Sources close to production have confirmed that the new series, in fact, is not a reboot. It is a separate story that happens within the same universe as Buffy.

Buffy has become something of a legend after closing the Hellmouth and defeating evil at Sunnydale. The word started to spread about what happened there and now a lot more people are aware that vampires, and other bad things, really do exist. And since nobody really knew of any of this until Buffy, her name became synonymous with the Vampire Slayer. So, the next chosen one is given the title ‘Buffy’ by her peers.

Buffy reboot news
Disney+ to announce Buffy news? Buffy reboot on the way?

This is amazing news but, sadly, this means that our list of top prospects to play Buffy is now redundant. But you should definitely still check it out.

Will Disney+ announce Buffy series?

The new series was announced before Disney acquired Fox, but since then there’s been no word of cancellation or even a change of plans. As a matter of fact, the same insider revealed that the new series is being developed into a Disney+ original series and will be revealed in mid 2020.

Zendaya as Buffy
Rumour: Zendaya to play Buffy

The official Buffy website went dark years ago. It launched in March of 1998 and didn’t receive an update for a long, long while. But exactly a month before the acquisition of Fox was announced the domain name was updated. It may mean nothing, but it certainly is interesting.

Excited for a new Buffy series? If so, would you have preferred a Buffy reboot or are you happy with an original story and original characters. As always, leave your comments below!

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