Ellen compares self isolation in her mansion to ‘being in jail’

Ellen DeGeneres was slammed on social media for making a ‘joke’ saying that being self isolated in her mansion is like being in jail.

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Hollywood celebrities don’t seem to be responding well to self isolation. Even Madonna recently had a bit of a ‘world is ending’ meltdown in her bathtub and felt the need to share it with her Instagram followers. But what is pissing most people off is the grandstanding and sympathy fishing these celebrities engage in… and now Ellen is being called out.

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While people all over the world are losing their jobs and, in some cases, their lives because of the coronavirus, some celebrities have the audacity to complain about being stuck in their multi-million dollar mansions with acreage of land, personal gyms and swimming pools.

In a video stream, Ellen DeGeneres complained how hard her life was because of self isolation going as far as to comparing her experience to being in prison.

“This is like being in jail,” Ellen told her fans during Monday’s show as she sat in a massive living room with her sliding door windows wide opening revealing her theme park sized yard.

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But what further outraged people is her comments about how everybody is gay in prison, which started dialogue about sexual abuse in prison.

Her comments were made during one of her pre-recorded #StayAtHome shows. In the show she’d call up her ‘celebrities buddies’ to talk about what’s happening and naturally complain about the current state of affairs.

Ellen compares self isolation in her mansion to ‘being in jail’

These kind of Instagram live feeds and videos seem to be a way for A-list celebrities to get their much needed attention before spiralling into insanity like Madonna.

Needless to say, people who don’t live in multi-million dollar mansions and are really struggling to make ends meet had a few choice things to say about Ellen’s comments comparing her self isolation to prison life.

There’s been no official comment from Ellen DeGeneres or her producers about the joke, nor do we except there to be one.

Ellen’s NBC talk show was put on indefinitely cancelled in mid-March as the coronavirus crisis worsened.

However, last week Ellen announced that her talk show would resume but instead be filmed in her multi-million dollar mansion.

Fans are not impressed with the quality or the content of her #StayAtHome show. “Who wants to sit and watch celebrities sit at home and call other celebrities to bitch about staying at home. This is ridiculous,” a disappointed fan said.

What are your thoughts on Ellen’s comments comparing her self isolation to being in prison? Let us know in the comments below.

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