EXPOSED: Connie Crayden lied on MAFS, or did the show change her?


Connie was allegedly never an introvert. Spent her days travelling, modelling and partying hard.

From the life of academia and geeking it out with her besties to peddling beauty products on Insta and sipping Mai Tais with social media drama queens, has Connie done a full 180?

Connie Crayden won our hearts on Married At First Sight Australia by being the most relatable bride to date. The self-proclaimed introvert and marine-biologist broke our hearts when she said she didn’t feel pretty enough to be loved, but is that still true… or was it ever true to begin with?

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A deep dive into Connie Crayden’s Instagram gives us a sneak peak at her life before MAFS, and although it shows that Connie may not ever have been particularly worried about what other people think of her looks as she’s proudly shows her tattoos and bull-ring piercing, she doesn’t really seem like she’s insecure… or even an introvert.

Connie Crayden crying

EXPOSED: MAFS Connie Crayden, model, getting drunk with KateMelb (via Instagram)

The Daily Mail just exposed that Connie Crayden had deliberately lied on Married at First Sight to make her seem innocent and naive when in fact she’s a part-time model by day and a brazen party girl by night.

Would an introvert really join a wild social experiment like MAFS?

This wouldn’t be the first time someone has told a little bit of a fib in front of the cameras for TV fame, usually MAFS participants true colours start to show by the end of the show. However, it is a jolting reminder of just how unusual the social experiment is and how many of us would avoid it at all costs, especially insecure introverts.

The vast majority of people who do participate in the MAFS social experiment are people who just want to boost their online social status for a few thousand extra likes and a chance to score a contract with some company to peddle cosmetic or diet gizmos for extra dosh… and it seems that Connie Crayden immediately jumped on the opportunity.

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When MAFS Connie Crayden isn’t sipping Mai Tais and getting silly drunk with her besties, she’s promoting cosmetics like the rest of the female MAFS crew.

A friend of Connie’s even reached out to The Daily Mail and told them that, even though she has insecurities like the rest of us, Connie is far from being the introvert she professes on the show. She’s allegedly a bit of a “woo girl”.

Who is your favourite bride so far on Married at First Sight Australia? Let us know in the comments below.

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