Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson wanted as next U.S. president


People are calling for the Fox News political commentator to run for president as Tucker Carlson Tonight ratings break records.

To the conservative American, Tucker Carlson appears to the only republican willing to fight for his country. As U.S. streets are overtaken by domestic terrorist, people are now questioning whether Trump has what it takes and are asking the Fox News commentator to run for president.

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If you’re left of centre you most likely hate Tucker Carlson because he expresses some strong conservative views on his record breaking show Tucker Carlson Tonight. However, centrists, conservatives, and even libertarians are rallying behind him because he’s one of the only commentators who has the courage to question the status quo and challenge the liberal mainstream narrative.

Many Americans are sick of seeing their cities and towns get turned into to third world war zones at the hand of domestic terrorists who masquerade as peaceful protesters and Black Lives Matter activists. Sadly, not many are willing to call out the hypocrisy of the movement because they fear that the angry mob will be heading for them next… but that’s not the case for Tucker Carlson.

Fan made Tucker Carlson 2024 presidential campaign posters appear on Twitter.

“Black Lives Matter is in fact a political party; maybe the strongest political party in the states as of tonight,” Tucker warned in an episode where he addressed the violent extremism displayed by the radical left protesters.

He explained how the Black Lives Matter protests and their push to “defund the police” was merely a way for the democrats to take hold of a service they have very little power over.

Tucker continued: “Democrats have no intention of ‘abolishing’ the police, listen carefully and you’ll hear them admit that. Instead they want to ‘replace’ the police; take the people who currently have badges, many of them who — by the way — voted for Donald Trump and swap them for new people, people who hate Donald Trump, and hate the people who voted for Donald Trump.”

Tucker Carlson has criticised very many left-wing ideologies on his programme, the most recent being how the democrats now declare the American independence day, July 4th, a racist holiday and how they want to demolish Mt. Rushmore. But one of the most significant things that Tucker Carlson has addressed is the blatant censorship of conservative voices by Silicon Valley tech tycoons like Twitter, Facebook, and Google.

VIDEO: Tucker Carlson calls Black Lives Matter out for political violence and hypocrisy.

A lot of people are now rallying behind the Fox News reporter because they feel that he is the only one actively calling out the inaction of the GOP and the politically biased censorship of big tech and demanding something be done about it.

Donald J. Trump has remained silent on a lot of the issues that Tucker Carlson discussed on his show, and now a lot of people are worried that the current president wont act quick enough before radical leftist completely eclipse the right.

Many conservative Americans want Carlson to run for president in 2024.

The few remaining right-wing pundits left on Twitter have all shown their support for the idea of seeing Tucker Carlson run for president. Some would even be glad if he took over for Trump later this year.

Do you think Tucker Carlson would make a great president in 2024? If so, who do you think would make a great vice president? Let us know in the comments below.

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