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FUNimation controversy ends in many cancelling their subscriptions

  • FUNimation fire voice actor, Vic Mignogna, for unproven sexual harassment allegations in 2019.
  • Scott Freeman, previously arrested on Child Pornography charges in 2014, continues to work for the company.
  • Deliberately mistranslated and altered subtitles to push political agenda.
  • Interspecies anime cancelled for sexualising women.
  • FUNimation approved ‘Lolicon’ show that promotes incest and sexualises children.

People are abandoning the Anime streaming service FUNimation in droves after the studio has been exposed to having a heavy bias and double standards.

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In 2019 renowned voice actor Vic Mignogna was fired by FUNimation after series of sexual harassment allegations were made against him from their employees. The actor had no complaints or reports made against until a fan expressed her discomfort after he gave her a hug and kiss at a convention.

Vic Mignogna acknowledged that he did hug and kiss fans on the cheek and that his intention were not to make anyone feel uncomfortable. He made a formal apology to any fans that he may have made uncomfortable.

After Vic addressed the complaint another one of his former work colleagues claimed she was sexual harassed on Twitter.

The letter asserts that she got ‘creepy vibes’ from the Vic when she first saw him and then goes on to say that he once pulled her by the hair and whispered ‘something dirty’ that she can’t remember in her ear. She says that she did not report it at the time because she just simply ‘dismissed’. She continues to call him a ‘predator’ and demands that FUNimation fire him… which they did.

After her Tweet #kickvic started trending on Twitter and many troll accounts made false allegations of ‘physical rape’. People were anonymously campaigning to have him completely cancelled and went as far as to attacking any establishment he would visit.

Vic Mignogna is currently suing Funimation for defamation.

Funimation continued to hire convicted child sex offender

In 2014 Scott Freeman, the voice actor famously known for his work in High School DxD was arrested on Child Pornographic charges.

On April 5, 2014, Freeman was arrested for eight counts of possession of child pornography. On July 30, 2015, Freeman was convicted and sentenced to three years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. In response, FUNimation announced that they had terminated their relationship with Freeman, and his ongoing roles were replaced with other voice actors. Freeman served his sentence at the Joe F. Gurney Unit in Anderson County, Texas until he was paroled in 2018. Freeman currently lives in Papillion, Nebraska as a registered sex offender.

Scott Freeman arrested for Child Pornography charges works for FUNimation

FUNimation bias controversy: company fires Vic yet continued to Scott Freeman.

However, the voice actor’s name is starting to appear in the credits of other Animes after his conviction despite FUNimation claiming they were not working with him.

Bounding Into Comics reports that, despite his arrest, it appears Freeman’s career continued. According to IMDB and Anime News Network credits, Freeman continued to be cast in smaller roles for Funimation productions througout 2015.

FUNimation responded to Bounding Into Comics article claiming they were not aware of Freeman’s legal trouble until May of 2015, over a year after Freeman’s charging. The statement reads:

“In May of 2015, FUNimation became aware of the legal matter involving Scott Freeman, at which time we suspended our relationship with Scott. In the wake of recent news, we have permanently ended the relationship. Any other questions should be directed to Scott Freeman directly.”

People are questioning FUNimations statement as it seems unlikely that they would not know about his charges despite them being national news.

Political bias in FUNimation subtitles/dubs

FUNimation have admitted to altering translations to ‘combat toxic masculinity’ and fans are not happy. People are calling to boycott the service.

Unnecessary Exclamation Mark highlighted just few of the political biased translations:

  1. One of the girls’ exclamations of “What the hell is this? I-I can’t read this! What is he thinking?” becomes “I can’t read this misogynistic crap, what is that creep thinking?! It’s downright degrading”.
  2. In the original Japanese dub the manager says “Why make them read something normal? The girls will get all red and embarrassed as they read them — that’s what makes the customers happy”. In the Funimation script this is changed to “Where’s the fun in forcing these jailbait tricks to read something decent? Plus, most of the freaks who come in here hate women, so seeing girls degraded gives them boners and makes them happy”.
  3. Junichi’s response, “Think about how the girls feel! They won’t want to read embarrassing lines like that in front of other people!”, is replaced by “Well maybe think about how these girls feel for once. Maybe they don’t want to be debased just so you can sell a few more [bleep] chicken wings to horny losers with mommy issues.”
  4. The manager ultimately announces that “Today’s event has been cancelled. We’ll operate normally today”, but in the Funimation dub this becomes “Another win for you SJW millennials.”

Jamie Marchi, the same woman who alleged Vic Mignona sexually harassed her, took to twitter to call out critics of her work.

Jamie Marchi mocks men on Twitter

FUNimation bias: dubs Lolicon but cancels Interspecies.

Rejects show for sexualising women but approves ‘Lolicon’ show

FUNimation completely cancelled a popular anime called Interspecies; a show that involves big breasted demons and angels. They claimed the show was’ outside their standards’ for being too sexual.

Later the company was criticised for their ‘standards’ after allowing a show that sexualises children and glorifies incest.

Bakemonogatari lolicon has incestuous scenes

FUNimation controversy: Interspieces cancelled but Lolicon Bakemonogatari has dubs.

FUNImation announced that “select Monogatari episodes” would be available on their platform, some seemingly about a boy who gets turned on by young girls. One particular controversial scene involves a young man feeling his underage sister while brushing her teeth.

People respond to hypocrisy

The latest FUNimation controversy has lead to many people cancelling their subscriptions, and more are expected to follow suit.

What are your thoughts on FUNimation now streaming Lolicon and their dubs being politically biased? Going to continue using their service or find a better Anime source?