Hayley told to STFU on MAFS by Amanda Micallef and Australia cheers


Hayley Vernon is on of the more controversial brides on this season of Married at First Sight, but she took it too far and had to be told off by Amanda Micallef.

Haley Vernon may have had a trouble past and she admittedly has a big of a foul mouth and a vulgar attitude, something she promises she is trying to overcome.

Unfortunately old habits sometimes tie hard and Hayley has been nothing but rude and vulgar so far on MAFS. She crossed the lines yesterday by alleging that she knows more than the experts. She was told to “shut the f— up,” by Amanda.

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Hayley may have lived like Charlie Sheen in the past, but even after kicking drugs she still drinks like a fish and smokes like a chimney… and when she’s drunk, she’s not exactly on her best behaviour.

It’s no secret that Haley has a mouth on her. She is also out spoken, that was made obvious when she told her MAFS hubby that “A$25 an hour just wouldn’t cut it.”

MAFS Amanda Micallef is classy

Amanda Micallef had an emotional exit from her toxic relationship with Tash.

Regardless of David’s initial attraction to her, he now has zero interest in chasing anything with her. Naturally that comment and her compulsive smoking lead to the couple’s falling out. Personality matters too and unfortunately Haley’s is just a bit too vulgar for him.

On Sunday, Hayley and David, and rest of the newly weds, met with the experts for a review of their current relationship and Hayley thought she knew more than the experts and wouldn’t shut up. MAFS fans were fed up with her.

Hayley felt the need to interrupt Amanda’s and Tash moment with unsolicited, unwanted and unwarranted relationship advice, and Amanda wasn’t having any of that. “Shut the f— up!” Amanda fired back.

Hayley Vernon drugs, smoking, drinking

Hayley Vernon on MAFS smoking and drinking.

Viewers all over Australia were right there with Amanda and celebrated when she told Haley off.

Fortunately for Amanda her toxic relationship with Tash ended lasted night. Sadly for us, we won’t be seeing her on the show until the finale.

What is your take on Sunday’s episode of MAFS? Let us know in the comments below.

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