If Aussie Tarzan learned his lesson he can win Australian Survivor


Mark “Aussie Tarzan” Herlaar is one of the sweetest souls to ever play Survivor, will that be his undoing yet again or has he learned his lesson?

Aussie Tarzan is a lime farmer from Queensland, Australia, who competed in Australian Survivor season 2 in 2017. He didn’t want the game to change him and promised himself he wouldn’t lie and cheat to win the game, making him one of the most loved contestants of all time.

Did you know?

Unfortunately, Tarzan’s kind approach to the game was his ultimate undoing and his time on Australian Survivor ended quickly, being the fourth voted out. He didn’t want to make make alliances and back stab other people so he was a wasted asset, and because he was so kind and caring he was the most loved member on the Samatau tribe making him a huge threat for the final three. He had to go.

This year Mark “Tarzan” Herlaar will competing for the second time in Australian Survivor: All Stars at the age of 51. Hopefully this hard working Queenslander has learned his lesson and will now approach the game differently.

Tarzan could win Australian Survivor All Stars

He could be the threat that nobody sees coming. Tarzan isn’t exactly known for his gameplay and anyone who watched him in 2017 will think he’s the most trust worthy ally to have, and that is something he could totally use to his advantage.

Let’s hope he’s been studying up on some big Survivor plays and is not too scared to take big risks and ruffle some feathers while doing so. We’d absolutely love to see Tarzan win the title of “Sole Survivor” and walk home with a payload of AUD$500,000 (before tax).

We know we will be rooting for our follow Queenslander. Come on, Mark. You can do this!

Who is your favourite to win Australian Survivor: All Stars? Let us know in the comments below.

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