Ines Basic goes topless in shocking Instagram video ahead of MAFS 2020


With the new season of Married at First Sight just around the corner some of the former stars are trying their best to remain relevant. Some are even getting starkers.

Married at First Sight — more commonly known as MAFS — is one of Australia’s most popular TV shows. It was Australia’s highest rating TV show on the Nine Network and also one of the most controversial!

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The new season has been announced and several new cast members for Married at First Sight 2020 have been revealed.

Former MAFS star, Elizabeth Sobinof, will be returning for a second chance to find love after the colossal failure of the last season. Liz was paired with Sam, who constantly body shamed her behind her back and eventually cheated on her with Ines Basic.

Liz wight loss, MAFS 2020

Liz to return in MAFS 2020 (Image via Instagram: lizalizzieelizabeth)

Liz’s chances were shot from the get-go because Sam literally bailed on her for more than half the show… it is only fair that she gets another shot.

The added pressure of returning to MAFS for another season and Sam’s body shaming has clearly left an impact on Liz. Her drastic weight loss has many concerned for her health, maybe returning for another season is not the best choice for her.

Married at First Sight 2020 premiered in January, so literally only a few weeks away, and now former contestants are scrambling to remain relevant and are fighting for the spotlight… as is the case with Ines Basic.

Ines Basic goes topless in Instagram video

Ines Basic is no stranger to controversy, and despite expressing her disdain for taking clothes off for many — a la Bronson — she has been doing just that on Instagram.

Earlier in December, Ines Basic posted a video of herself completely topless on Instagram wearing nothing but black panties and — poorly — covering her exposed bits with her right arm; many believe she is trying to gain popularity ahead of MAFS 2020.

Next year is going to a great for Australian Reality TV. Survivor All Stars and MAFS 2020 will kick the new year off in epic fashion.

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