Inez Curró is a breath of fresh air in Stan Original Series The Commons


Stan’s new character driven Sci-Fi drama is only five days from premiere and we can’t wait to see Inez Curró’s character Ivy develop.

The first two episodes of the Stan Original Series The Commons have got us hooked and horrified at the potential of a devastatingly realistic Australian future. Fortunately, amidst the depressing reality of this Australian climate drama, there’s a glimpse of sanity; her name is Ivy.

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Inez Curró plays Ivy a cynical yet rational teenage girl who seems to be the only sane human being left in a dystopian Australian future.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Stan Original Series The Commons is heavy. To say it is character driven is a gross understatement. From the very first two episodes you get a hint of the personalities of the characters and within those first 80 minutes you will fall in love, fall out of love, hate, and then fall in love again… it is absolute insanity.

Eadie Boulay: Joan Froggatt, The Commons

The Commons main character Eadie, played by Joanne Froggatt (Downtown Abbey), is a wannabe mother who, to her own dismay, was indecisive on children for most of her life, but now she’s hell bent on giving birth to her own child. Her recent attempts at pregnancy have all been for naught, and as a result she feels like victim despite it honestly being her fault for not biting the bullet sooner.

The show does a phenomenal job at realising this. We absolutely loathed Eadie — much to the credit of Joanne Froggatt’s performance — at the start of the season. That woman needed a reality check, and thankfully she got one…

Enter Inez Curró as Ivy Green

Ivy Green, in many ways, reminds me of my teenage self but only heck more rational. I guess it comes from years of telling her adult family that they are being ridiculous.

Ivy Green: Inez Curró, The Commons

When Eadie is freaking out about absolutely nothing and acting like the biggest victim, Ivy is there to call her out on her BS… in such a charmingly innocent, yet brutally honest, manner.

Inez Curró is perfectly casted as Ivy in this Australian Sci-Fi drama and we hope to see a lot more of her The Commons when it premieres on Stan on Christmas day.

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