Jamie Doran suing Bachelor in Paradise because he looked like a creep


Bachelor in Paradise star Jamie Doran announced that he’s taking legal action against Ten and the producers of the series.

Jamie Doran is not enjoying his time on Bachelor in Paradise and has announced he’s suing Network Ten and the producers of the Bachelor franchise, Warner Bros Australia.

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On Wednesday Jamie posted a message on Instagram announcing his decision to take legal action.

“This is not the news I wanted to post, but I feel I owe this to at least my family, friends and also fans of The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise,” the 40-year-old firefighter wrote.

“After lengthy consideration, I’ve decided to begin legal proceedings against Network 10 & Warner Bros. Australia.

“I’m not going to comment on this any further and would appreciate it if people would respect my privacy.”

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Osher Günsberg

Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise host Osher Gunsberg responds to Jamie Doran lawsuit post.

Although Jamie Doran refused to comment on the reason for his decision it is believed that his ego was hurt after he was rejected and called a “stage-five clinger” on Bachelor in Paradise.

Despite having claimed to have filed legal papers Network 10 later confirmed that they had not received anything from Doran or his attorneys.

A Network 10 spokesperson said: “Network 10 has not received any papers regarding this claim.”

Host Osher Gunsberg responded to Doran’s statement by saying that the show offered ”robust” mental health support to help people deal with depression and heartbreak.

Jamie Doran reportedly has a reputation of a being a bit of a creep on the show. During his 2019 Bachelorette season, he was called a “stalker” and “clinger” by many of his fellow contestants as well as thousands of viewers due his methods to impress Angie Kent.

It got to the point where Angie had to ask Jamie Doran why he was a creep, and why everyone had warned her parents she should steer clear of him.

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